Mag Review – Famous May 3, 2010.


Recently, I have been slowly weeding out the weekly gossip mags from my must-read repertoire.

Firstly, it was OK! which, when paired with Who on Fridays, was basically just a watered-down second serving of the latter’s leftovers.

And just last week I severed ties with Grazia. I may still revisit that relationship in the future but, really, who can afford $6 a pop every Monday for a wannabe editorial mag with questionable body image standards?

But, ever since Famous debuted in February 2006 (I remember because it was my first week of uni and I marvelled at the ad campaign featuring Mischa Barton on a bus stop billboard as I chugged past on the tram), I have been a loyal follower. There was a brief miscommunication period (Famous screamed at me from the newsstand; I ignored it), but I eventually returned to my one true gossip rag love at the end of my university tenure.

This week’s issue really embodies all the things I love about Famous: tongue-in-cheek commentary (“I get to act and workout at the same time? Where do I sign up?” in reference to Ashley Tisdale’s latest role as a cheerleader in TV show Hellcats, p. 42); original investigative pieces (well, as originally investigative as the trashy mag scene is gonna get!), like Kim Kardashian’s abusive marriage (p. 10–11), or more accurately, the exposé the mag ran on young Hollywood’s burglary gang late last year; and up-to-the-minute paparazzi pics, perhaps more thoughtfully chosen than Famous’ other weekly counterparts.

Here are my top ten reasons to get this week’s Famous, in pictures.

#1. The voluptuously va-va-voomed (to borrow a quote from everyone’s favourite—ahem—Australian Idol judge, Mark Holden) and sweetly saccharine Kim Kardashian is the guest editor (p. 4– 5).

#2. “10 SATC Secrets Revealed” (p. 8–9).

#3. Kim K’s style inventory of long, tousled hair, bold shouldered jackets and “shoe bling” is profiled in “Kim’s Aussie Style Diary” (p. 12).

#4. Always a little left-of-centre, Famous gets it right again with “The World’s Most Rubbish Waxworks” (p. 24–25).

#5. “Sounds Like Fun” (p. 34–35) at the Coachella music festival? It does, indeed.

#6. Sienna Miller and Jude Law get papped on a Beverly Hills shopping expedition (p. 36–37). Looove your crocheted shrug, Sienna!

#7. I love an endearing pet pic as much as the next person, and Amanda Seyfried’s Elizabethan-collared pooch Finn is no exception (p. 40).

#8. I’m an überfan of the Breton stripe, and Carrie Mulligan does it oh-so-chicly (p. 49). Ladakh’s version of the top and Sambag’s studded flats aren’t too bad, either.

#9. “Click & Buy” (p. 54), you say? That’s fine by me (oh wait, pay day’s next Thursday—shop it up for me, will you? I’ve provided the links for your mouse-clicking pleasure, and credit-card’s detriment).

#10. Who knew Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz aka Emmett Cullen aka Calvin Klein underwear man-candy made an appearance in Hilary Duff’s 2007 single, “With Love”? Famous, apparently. I will be YouTubing the crap out of this one!

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