My Week in Pictures.

The road trip.

For my friend Tess’s birthday, she, Anthony, Paul and I piled into the back of Anthony’s, then Paul’s, cars and trekked out to Cape Schanck, near the Mornington Peninsula. We also had lunch (breakfast for some!) in Seaford, saw an echidna, then got some more food (icecreams, yay!) in Rosebud, but don’t quote me on that—I wasn’t the one driving! All in all, it was a really fun day. Tess, I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

The stack.

The trivia night.

Our team—Eddie, Set, Go!—came in last. Hey, at least we got a placing!

The musical 2.0.

Second time around for Rock of Ages, which ends in a couple of weeks. Girls, rock your boys!

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[The Early Bird Catches the Worm] My Week in Pictures 21st July 2011.

Rock of Ages image via Collider.

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