My Week in Pictures.

Day trip to Bendigo.

Images via Fantomatik.

Image via Specialist Auctions.

Image via John Kobal Foundation.

Image via Fantomatik.

Image via Bendigo Art Gallery.

Image via Bridie Quilty.

On Friday I went to Bendigo to see the Made in Hollywood (images above) exhibition in its final days, as well as did some shopping at Bendigo Book Mark and caught up with a friend who’s back from America for dinner.

Birthday present.

My friend Lana’s birthday’s coming up on Saturday, so a few friends and I went in on Share-a-Smile Becky (she comes in a wheelchair! How cool is that?! There was some controversy surrounding the Barbie when she came out in 1997 because her chair didn’t fit through the doors to the Barbie Dream House.) and Make Hey While the Sun Shines by Meet Me at Mikes founder Pip Lincoln. I hope she likes them!

The stack.

If you missed Sunday Life, you can read full version of the cover story here.

Martha Marcy May Marlene Mind-numbing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when heading into Martha Marcy May Marlene on Monday night, but a friend I mentioned it to said her boyfriend’s sister said it was the best movie she’d ever seen. I’d heard all the awards buzz, so I had to see what all the fuss was about for myself. I don’t feel like my life was any more enriched than before the movie, and I’m glad I only paid $9 for it.

This is what happens when your washing machine stops working.

The spin is fine, it’s just that the pump is stuffed, so I’ve taken to filling up the bath with water and washing detergent, and smooshing my clothes around in it with the mop! It’s quite efficient, actually. Although I’m dreading towel- and sheet-washing day…

Images via John Kobal Foundation.

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