Magazines: A Week After She Split from Grant Hackett, Candice Alley Talks About Single Motherhood to Who.

Well, that was opportunistic, wasn’t it? Planned in advance, you might think? An attempt to get the public’s sympathy vote before Hackett has a chance to publicly defend himself?

I personally couldn’t care less about Hackett and Alley and their seemingly perfect penthouse life (the “exclusive” was shot in their Southbank high-rise apartment where Alley now resides with their two-year-old twins), but when the lead-time on a weekly magazine is a few days, minimum, Alley and/or Who had to act pretty fast to secure the deal. Which prompts me to ask, was the split a long time coming or, like Kim and Kanye are speculated to be, a publicity stunt?

Image via Who.

8 thoughts on “Magazines: A Week After She Split from Grant Hackett, Candice Alley Talks About Single Motherhood to Who.

  1. I am thinking the same thing, Scarlett! I feel sorry for Hackett in this sense, I know she tried her hand at a singing career but then nothing, she’s been his wife ever since. Not that anything is wrong with that, but people clutch at money and fame and whinge about their lives….it makes me mad.

  2. Totally agree with you there Scarlett. I feel sorry for Hackett – not that I presume to know what is going on there but because he’s worked so hard and now will probably be tainted by this. It irks me a little because some of these women do nothing (again, I don’t presume to know what Alley does but she’s still touted as a singer in the press even though it has been years since she did anything) and then get all the publicity (and assets) when sometimes it is the man struggling to meet all their expectations and losing it in the process. I guess I’m just a little rant because of all the woe-is-me whinging I see from women who have so much more than the others working their butts off everyday.

  3. My problem is more with the swift nature Alley has seemed to capitalise on her split. From media reports, there have allegedly been domestic altercations between the two which makes me hesitant to condemn Alley as an opportunist and fame whore, but at the same time, is it really necessary to air your dirty laundry so soon after the split?

  4. The article was definitely a ploy to win public sympathy – she stated that she doesn’t like to use baby-sitters, why would she need one when she sits on her behind all day and has live-in baby-sitters in her mother and sister? The woman is definitely an opportunist – out of touch with reality.

  5. She has been writing songs for years and collects royalties from publishing you don’t have to perform all the time, people speculate way to much.

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