My Week in Pictures.

My Name is Prince & I’m a Sexy Mother Fucker.

Yes. You. Are.

On Tuesday night I went to see Prince in his second Melbourne concert and it was phenomenal. While I think I preferred Elton John just a tad more, I was completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness that is Prince. I was a bit disappointed he didn’t perform two of my favourite songs—“Black Sweat” and “Most Beautiful Girl in the World”—in favour of a few covers, but he is brilliant on stage and even sexier in person than in his film clips.

Mother’s Day.

My mum lives two hours away and I had to work, so I didn’t see her on the weekend but that didn’t stop my housemate—sorry, I mean my puppy—from spoiling me for my first year as a mum! Surprised!

The obligatory getting-to-know-you sniff.

Deb with Minnie.

Doggy date.

I caught up with a friend for a dog park and coffee date, and our two canine friends got on like a house on fire. Just like their mummies.

The stack.

Ordinarily I find comics to be too busy with a disjoint between text and image: give me a traditional prose book any day. However, I was inspired by my Clunes gift for my housemate, Spiderman/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do, and the small screen “adaptation” of the Fables series, Once Upon a Time. (The show is inspired by Fables, but not officially based on the books.) All I have to say, I’m enjoying the comic version much more than the TV series thus far.

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