Magazines: Cover of the Week — Charlize Theron Should Be A-Shame-d of Herself.


For someone who favours strong female roles—think Aileen Wuornos in MonsterYoung Adult‘s Mavis Gary, and her contribution to the upcoming Mad Max instalment—I’m not loving Charlize Theron’s public fawning over known wifebeater Michael Fassbender.

Theron’s been quoted as saying Fassbender is one of the best actors she’s ever worked with and, in regards to his infamous penis, she’s certainly “available to work with it anytime”. ‘Cause sexually objectifying known intimate partner violence perpetrator is just so funny.

Image via Candid-Cam.

3 thoughts on “Magazines: Cover of the Week — Charlize Theron Should Be A-Shame-d of Herself.

  1. I can’t believe you think her Young Adult character was strong. I spent the whole movie hating how disappointing she was. I was embarrassed to be a woman while watching her. Coming off the back of Diablo Cody’s other works with characters like Juno & Tara, Mavis was weak, character wise & script wise.

  2. She’s strong because she is weak. How many female characters do you see who are absolute trainwrecks like most of the actual people we know? The only other one I can think of in recent times is Bridesmaids’ Annie. The rest are either superheroine caricatures of of “strength” or poor rom-commy damsels in distress who have a perfect job, perfect home and perfect lifestyle, but who are completely unrelatable (Katherine Heigl movies come to mind). Mavis might not have been likable, but she was relatable, and that’s what makes her a strong portrayal of womanhood – nay, humanhood.

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