My Week in Pictures.

La Triviata not as Big of a Deal as last week’s festivities.

Last week at Hardiman’s trivia, we came in first place using the name “Kind of a Big Deal” and a few different people. This week was more of a couples outing, with Heidi and Nick and Zoe and Matt joining singletons April, Ken and myself from last week in “La Triviata”. While we drew for first place but lost the tie breaker, it wasn’t a shabby effort: we won another bottle of wine to add to the two from last week and a six pack. I won’t be making use of the libations, but we’ll be sharing them out at a work trivia night in a few weeks, for which our recent outings have been in preparation for.


I loved the Hugh Dancy-Maggie Gyllanhaal period (pardon the pun) flick about the maker of the first vibrator. Funny, feministy and short and sweet. Wholeheartedly recommended.

In a gothic State of Mind.

I’ve been salivating over YouTH’s rose quartz State of Mind skull ring for months and, when it went on sale a couple of weeks ago, I had to pick one up. It arrived in the mail over the weekend and I’ve been planning outfits around it ever since.

The stack.

My friend Michelle bought a copy of Drowned by Therese Bowman at my urging in Perth after I’d read a superb review of the English translation. Reading it myself now, it’s a bit more 50 Shades of Grey than I expected…

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