Magazine Cover of the Week: Kate Moss Might Regret Not Being in George Michael’s “Freedom ’90″ Video, But French Vogue Makes Up for It By Featuring Them Together on Their Cover.

With George Michael camping it up at the Olympics Closing Ceremony and visiting Australian shores in November, there’s no better time for him to be featured with supermodel bestie Kate Moss on the October cover of French Vogue.

Moss has always maintained that not being featured as one of the myriad of supermodels in Michaels’ “Freedom ’90″ is one of her biggest career regrets, but that is all in the past with her taking up prime real estate in Michaels’ latest video for “White Light”.

As Jezebel notes, the ’90s are definitely back.

Image via Jezebel.

Magazines: Food Fight.

Why Terry Richardson is still allowed to work in the fashion industry is beyond me, but I will give him this: he does give good photo.

In perhaps a dig at the modelling world’s obsession with food, and her own obsession with his, former eating disorder sufferer and now plus sized model, Crystal Renn, has posed for a gluttony themed photo shoot for French Vogue.

Vegos may want to steer clear of the graphic subject matter, but on a side note—love the jewellery!