Magazines: Goodbye Notebook:, It Was Nice Knowing You.

Why on earth News Magazines would get rid of one of its best titles in Notebook: is a mystery to me.

While Notebook: wasn’t a magazine I bought religiously each month, based on its reviews on Girl with a Satchel (where I found out about its discontinuation) or a quick skim of its cover, it was often one I would buy and feel all warm and fuzzy inside after reading it, much like InsideOut or frankie.

There were always fab recipes, home decorating ideas, eye-opening human interest stories and quirky features. One that springs to mind focussed on a baby-boomer mother (or perhaps grandmother) and a Gen Y daughter and the romance movies of their time. Such flicks as An Officer & a Gentleman, His Girl Friday and An Affair to Remember were added to my “to watch” list.

Also, the calendar I’ve been using all year was a freebie with Notebook: (see below).

According to the Girl with a Satchel article, “Notebook: has struggled to find its feet since its 2008 redesign, at which point it did away with its traditional flower-and-vase covers, opting instead to run generic models, as well as ditching its trademark ‘tabs’ in favour of monthly postcards and bookmarks.”

To borrow another quote from GWAS, “Notebook: will be sorely missed.”