Magazine Review: Yen, Issue #46.

Yen is not a magazine I flock to naturally, so this post comes via unauthorised courtesy of Girl with a Satchel’s quick review of the 46th issue of Yen:

“This issue of Yen is all about the book nerd: ‘To celebrate the written word we have interviews with former bad boy of publishing, Bret Easton Ellis, [and] good girl of publishing, Sloane Crosley…’”. You had me at “book nerd”.

I’m mighty glad I picked it up (as well as Peppermint, a special eco-friendly spring edition, for my animal-loving friend, Lana) as, in addition to “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, about the beautifully written ugly themes of Bret Easton Ellis’s work, and Sloane Crosley’s profile, “Sloane Ranger”, the very first page features my favourite author ever, the all-too-often-mentioned-on-this-blog, Dominick Dunne.

And any magazine with not one, but two references, to Dunne on the “Ed’s Letter” (p. 10) page is worthy of an automatic four-worm Early Bird rating!

Not to mention the gorgeous “Flower Bomb” fashion spread (p. 28), dark punk à la the “bone-achingly cool singer and styler”, Patti Smith (p. 32), affecting artwork by Blaine Fontana (p. 48), and “Fashion Flicks” (p. 52), which outlineswhat else?fashionable films, such as Desperately Seeking Susan, The Virgin Suicides and The Royal Tenenbaums. (Look for a post about my favourite fashion moments on film soon.)

And to round out all the awesome bookiness of the issue, Yen gives us “The Cheats Guide to the Classics” (p. 58), which will come in handy because I have no intention of getting intimate with the old English of Jane Eyre or Frankenstein. But give me To Kill a Mockingbird or George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four any day.

Disregarding my previous statement about an automatic four-worms for the inclusion of Dunne, Yen certainly lived up to the excitement and anticipation I felt when turning to that first page throughout the rest of the mag. A must for book worms.