Outfit Envy: Vanessa Hudgens Embraces Her Wild Side.

Vanessa Hudgens can do no wrong, especially in this gorgeous Blu Moon leopard print maxi, featured in Who’s “Who Got it Right?” (p. 114) this week. As guest judge Erin McNaught says,

“Her layered necklace and burnished cuff work perfectly. I wish I looked like that running errands!”

Here, here!

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Outfit Envy: Winter Wonderland.

This is not the first time Kate Bosworth has made an appearance on “Outfit Envy”, which should be a surprise to no one, as she is always impeccably dressed.

I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve been mourning the loss of winter because it’s been unseasonably wet and cool for this time of year in Melbourne, but it wouldn’t be completely out of the norm to don a chunky patterned knit and boots like Kate does whilst running errands in L.A.

If summer does decide to make an appearance any time soon, there’s always the Southern winter to break out this look.

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Outfit Envy: “Sartorial Conservative”.

I’ve always been a big fan of Lauren Conrad’s sartorial style, just like Erica Bartle of Girl with a Satchel, bar the first couple of seasons of Laguna Beach and The Hills, the reality shows that made her famous. Elle calls her the show’s one and only “relatable star”.

Lauren and Whitney Port’s enviable wardrobes were half the reason I watched The Hills (the guilty pleasures of being able to live the L.A. life vicariously through them made up the other half), and Lauren’s “Lauren” gold name ring and braids were incorporated into my own style.

In last week’s Famous, Lauren gets her Ralph Lauren on, with a touch of MNG, whilst filming her latest foray into reality. Loving her tan belt, bag and shoes, Famous asserts that she is the “queen of the super-luxe accessory”. I’ll second that.

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