My Week in Pictures.

The Descendants. 

It only won one of the Academy Awards it was nominated for, and perhaps deservedly so, but it’s an enjoyable movie and George Clooney is great in it.

The stack. 

I read a fantastic article about pit bulls in Good Weekend on Saturday, and I have to say, it validated my view that not all dogs—just like humans—can be judged by the actions of a few. I can’t seem to find the article online, but if you can pick up a belated copy, please do.

Nursery rhyme-themed birthday party.

Birthday Bo Peep.

The Mad Hatter, Ring Around the Rosey and a Hipster Blind Mouse.

Me and the birthday girl.

True dat.

Ten minutes into the night and my stockings are already ripped!

A Bar Called Barry, Lana’s 27th birthday and nursery rhyme theme = fun!

Sportsgirl top. 

After some rigmarole involving not enough money in my account, Telstra going down, my size being sold out and the style I wanted only being available online, I finally got the Sportsgirl Peter Pan animal print top I’d been fantasising about for several weeks!

I’m officially an organ donor!

Congrats to the lucky recipients of my tissue and organs! Seriously though, my card arrived in the mail last week which was, fittingly, Organ Donation Week, and I’m so happy that if I’m braindead my organs can live on and give life to someone else after I’m gone. I urge everyone to sign up. Go to Medicare’s Organ Donation Register to do so.

The Descendants image via LUChameleon.

My Week in Pictures.

90s Aquarium Beach Party @ A Bar Called Barry.

To celebrate Aqua coming to Oz, A Bar Called Barry hosted a ’90s-themed Aquarium beach party where you could win tickets to Aqua’s shows by finding bits of dismembered “Barbie Girl”. We didn’t find any rogue pieces of “Polyester Girl”, but luckily we already have tickets.

We all decided to go in costume, which originally consisted of playsuits and floaties, which April and Michelle stayed true to. However, when I went to try on my $10 playsuit from Sportsgirl, it was supremely unflattering, so I decided I wasn’t going to go in costume. Then, when I was returning some books to the City Library in Flinders Lane, I decided to pop into Retrostar Vintage Clothing to see if they had any cheap playsuits or old school swimsuits. I did manage to find some vintage shorts for not-so-cheap, but I thought they were fabulous and just had to have them. While I’ll probably never wear them to anything but a costume party, I just love them! So my costume strayed a little bit from the colourful playsuit model we originally agreed upon, but retro is a bit more my style anyway.

Getting ready for a beach party.

’90s beach fun!

On the train on the way there some guy approached me and said, “I’m going to out-gay myself here, but you should really keep that Dita Von Teese look you’ve got going on.” We replied by saying we thought he was going to ask us for money! Thanks for the compliment, though, random guy.

This image via A Bar Called Barry’s Facebook page.

“Oo, oo, ah, ah, sexy eyes.”

J. Edgar.

I went to see J. Edgar on cheapo Monday at Nova, and while I quite enjoyed the movie, I did fall asleep in it… twice! Oops!

The stack.

The rogue chilli plant.

So this is what happens when you neglect your garden? Maybe I shouldn’t tend to my hydrangeas for six months and they’ll be thriving, too?!