My Week in Pictures.

Laura admonishes Ken for guessing the more complicated “halitosis” as opposed to the winning, Team Awesome-guessed “bad breath”.

I drew totem tennis and April drew the solar system, both correctly guessed by the opposite team member.

The Taj Mahal. I managed to get in before Ken could guess Laura’s attempt at the building.

Farewell Pictionary tournament.

To send off Laura back to her home town of Perth, April and I took on her and Ken in a best of nine (which started out as a best of three, then best of five, then best of seven) Pictionary tournament. Team Awesome, which yours truly belongs to, won all nine games. Nice way to say goodbye, I think!

The stack.

More to come on Big Porn Inc. next week as I marvel at some of the blatant propaganda in the tome!

The view of the sunset from our room. The colours remind me of The Little Mermaid for some reason.

Checking out creepy crawlies at Cape Schanck.

A flock of seagulls having a conniption over some rogue chips.

The Peninsula mini-break.

The beach has been calling me for months, and on Monday I honoured my New Year’s resolution to take more mini-breaks with a trip to Cape Schanck with a friend from work, Deb. We stayed at the RACV Cape Schanck resort which was lovely, if a bit far away from the water.

So to remedy that, we drove down to Sorrento, had fish and chips on the beach in Rosebud, trekked down the Cape, vintage shopped in Flinders, bathed at the Peninsula Hot Springs, swam in the infinity pool at the resort, and dipped out feet at Mount Martha. Not bad for two nights away!