Magazines: Cover of the Week—Chloe Sevigny Punches Her Way OUT of the Box.

Somewhat stereotypically, Chloe Sevigny poses in boxing garb to celebrate OUT magazine’s Olympic issue, shot by—cue sarcasm—my favourite photographer, Terry Richardson.

In the mag, Sevigny addresses the internet snark surrounding her alleged pretension. She then talks about how hard it is to get designers to lend her clothes, in what seems to me like a show of that very same pretension. What do you think?

Elsewhere: [Jezebel] It Has Come to Chloe Sevigny’s Attention She is Being Mocked on the Internet.

Image via Fashion Gone Rogue.

7 Reasons to Get the October Issue of Madison, Quick Smart!

1. This outfit. Love the belt, and khaki for summer.

2. Profile of quirky glamour girl, Chloë Sevigny. Love the photography that goes along with the story.

3. They weigh in on the burqa debate, sending their own reporter into the field dressed in the controversial garment to gauge the reactions she gets.

4. The super-kawaii Japanese-inspired photo shoot, which is reminiscent of an early Australian Grazia supermarket shoot.

5. Dr. Dorothy Height. “The Mother of a Movement” was a fascinating lady, and her work lives on.

6. The Brothers & Sisters-esque photo frame wall, and Madison’s other home decorating ideas.

7. Favourite photos from famous photographers in Give Us Your Best Shot. I especially love the Halloween feature by Nick Scott.