My Week in Pictures.

New puppy!

As of yesterday I’m a mama and the proud new owner of a dog!

She is currently nameless, but is a five-year-old fox terrier I adopted from The Lost Dog’s Home in North Melbourne (half price adoptions for the rest of the school holidays, so get on it!). She had patella surgery two weeks ago so favours falling asleep on the couch or bed next to me, as you can see from the photos, but I’m told once she’s recuperated she loves going for jogs. So do I! It’s a match made in heaven.

What do you think I should name her?

That’s not the kind of rabbit you should be looking for, Eddie!

Easter egg hunt.

I had to work over Easter, so the housemate and I decided to do an Easter egg hunt on Good Friday, in the Women’s Garden near our house. Eddie went first and hid some eggs for me to find, then while he went to the servo for a drink, I hid some eggs for him.

Apparently that wasn’t enough though, because when I woke up on Sunday morning I found a fresh stash of Easter eggs waiting for me! Thanks, Eddie!

WrestleMania 28.

After my trip to Bendigo last week, the housemate and I had a catch up over pizza, ice cream and WrestleMania. How very American.

For you wrestling fans, I’ll just briefly state that I was quite disappointed in the whole spectacle this year. As much as everyone hates John Cena and it was The Rock’s hometown, I think Cena should have won; CM Punk VS. Chris Jericho was lacklustre and hardly a showcase of “the best in the world”; Triple H VS. The Undertaker was probably the best match of the night, but still didn’t live up to high expectations.

Lipstick & Dynamite.

Staying with the wrestling theme, Zoe, her boyfriend, her friend and I went to ACMI on Sunday night to watch a doco on the history of “lady wrestling”; emphasis on the history. The doco focussed on the original female professional wrestlers, like Mae Young, The Fabulous Moolah and Ella Waldek. It talked about the original women’s wrestling promoter, Billy Wolfe, and how he was a latter-day Vince McMahan, exploiting the “girl wrestlers” as eye candy. As Gladys “Kill ‘Em” Gillem said, if you weren’t wrestling for Wolfe, you were an “outlaw outfit”.

The doco also dealt with the abundance of sexual assault and domestic violence suffered by the ladies featured, and how some of them got into the business to protect themselves. Little did they know, the wrestling business can spit you out and leave you worse off than before. If there’s one thing I really got from Lipstick & Dynamite, it was that; wrestlers don’t belong to a union and if they’re deemed unmarketable (back then, female wrestlers were seen as “novelty” acts, along with midget wrestling, tag teams and non-white wrestlers) or injured, they’re brushed aside as yesterday’s news.

Mirror Mirror.

Well, that was an exercise in how not to do Snow White. Review to come.

The stack.

I’ve been spamming everyone’s Facebook feeds with quotes from Fragments of Marilyn Monroe’s notes, letters and poems. I’ve still got a few pages to go in the semi-coffee table book, and I’ve already begun reading the gargantuan tome that is Bret Hart’s memoir. Would you expect anything less from a former professional wrestler (I promise, that rounds out the wrestling theme for the week)?

In magazine land, I wouldn’t normally buy Shop Til You Drop (despite it being a consistently great magazine, I really don’t need one that encourages me to buy even more!), but I think the puppies and Leighton Meester on the cover pulled me in. Apparently, next month’s issue features items that are all available online. Hmm, I might have to break my no-Shop rule for that one…

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Was This What Marilyn Monroe was Really Thinking When She was Filming The Prince & the Showgirl?

Image via Bleacher Report.

My Week in Pictures.

I’ve spent the last week in Bendigo, staying with my mum, and it’s been such a lovely, quiet break. I went to the Grace Kelly exhibition and to see The Hunger Games with a friend (review pending, just got to finish the book first!), got my hair did, and tried to get in as much downtime as possible. I feel very refreshed and ready to head back to work for the Easter period, followed by another week of holidays!

The stack.

As I mentioned above, I’ve got about 150 pages left of The Hunger Games, and as a large print, young adult novel, I should breeze through it on the train ride back to Melbourne this afternoon. And I’ve still got to get around to reading the somewhat anti-feminist Sunday Life profile on Madonna.

Grace Kelly: Style Icon Exhibition.

Please see my review for my full thoughts on the exhibition.

The Hunger Games.

Secondhand book haul.

So Remarkable Creatures was actually leant to me by a friend (hi, Hannah!) in exchange for My Sister, My Love, which I picked up secondhand when I was in Bendigo last Easter, while 11.22.63 by Stephen King and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen were purchased from the Bendigo Book Mark, my favourite secondhand bookstore I’ve come across. My mum and I had watched the film version of Water for Elephants the night before, so I thought it was uncanny I should find the book and snapped it up. And I was surprised Book Mark even had 11.22.63, as it’s King’s latest and with a premise of “what would the world look like if JFK wasn’t assassinated”, it’s a must-read! Score!

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Book Shop: Book Now, Bendigo.

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On the (Rest of the) Net Comes a Day Early.

As tomorrow is Good Friday (Friday, gotta get down on Good Friday), the international day of mourning sleeping in, On the (Rest of the) Net is arriving a day early. Enjoy, and happy Easter!

If you read only one thing this Easter weekend, make it Hadley Freeman’s “Rape is Not a Compliment” on The Guardian.

Rick Morton with “6 Arguments Against Women Serving in Combat Roles (And Why They’re Dodgy)”.

The pros and cons of trash reality TV and its treatment of women.

MamaMia has picked up Airiel Clark’s “Slut-Shaming on the Playground”, as well.

The view from the other side of the burqa is not one I agree with, but it’s a valid one nonetheless:

“Before you scream your disagreement, which many of you may do as a knee-jerk reaction to being told you’re also oppressed, stop and think. Look around you; contemplate society today, and its values, its aspirations, its goals, its direction, its past-times, its hobbies….

“What good has it done for images of uncovered made-up women to be plastered on every billboard and magazine, on the TV, in the movies, and on the net?

“The women in the images may aptly feel good about themselves for a while, but what does it mean for every other women?

“Women who look upon these images usually become anxious, jealous, unsure and critical of themselves, or all of these things. Many men who view them will become aroused, or even unhappy, less satisfied with the partners they already have. What can, and does this lead to?

“Cheating, dumping, chastisement, and even harassment of other women, and even children, by men who cannot find a legitimate outlet for their constant arousal.

“And yes, I can hear some of you; ‘then the men must control themselves!’ Frankly speaking that argument is well spent, not to mention futile, as most men are, inherently, only able to react to that, the same way a hungry lion would react if thrown a juicy piece of steak, and told not to eat it…”

Shades of Sheik El-Hilaly’s “uncovered meat” statement, don’t you think?

Gemma Ward makes her return to the newsstand.

“What to Wear for SlutWalk”:

“Wear anything you like, the organisers told me when I emailed them…

“SlutWalk will feature people in all sorts of garments and gear, dressed for the office, clubbing, yoga, walking the dog, whatever it is that people wear as they go about their lives not asking to be raped.”

A behind-the-scenes look at how Mia Freedman’s Sunday Life profile pictures go down.

Also at MamaMia, Freedman writes on Paper Giants (more on that to come next week; oh, the perils of not yet being digital TV-ready!), Park St, and the relevance and demise of magazines in 2011.

Nina Funnell on the “appalling” and “exploitative” nature of child beauty pageants.

“Gym. Tan. Laundry. Discuss.” The social politics of Jersey Shore.

She-Ra gets a fashionable makeover for a good cause.