My Week in Pictures.

The Women’s Peace Gardens.

The park I jog at now that I’m living in Kensington is, fittingly, the Women’s Peace Gardens. There is a plaque at the entrance to the gardens, which I haven’t really looked at, to be honest. It is, however, designed as the peace symbol inside the female symbol.

The rabbit.

There also happens to be a rabbit at the gardens, which I believe is a runaway, and my housemate believes is wild. Nonetheless, he’s she’s it’s cute to look at.

Tru Blood.

Speaking of housemates, I have the best one ever! He surprised me with a bottle of Tru Blood, as I’m currently watching the latest season. He even remembered my blood type!

The stack.

It’s all about Kim Kardashian’s wedding in the weeklies. No doubt tomorrow’s Who will be much of the same.

The movie.

I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes on Tuesday night, and I loved it! Review to come this afternoon.

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New Weekly Post: My Week in Pictures.

The morning hot air balloons.

You know it’s early when the hot air balloons are still up and about. This is the view from my street…

… while this is the actual view from my apartment window.

A few weeks ago I posted the view from my street, but this is the view from the corner of my loungeroom window.

The birthday girl.

You might remember Zoe from her George Michael paper dolls, or the new artwork for this here blog. Last Friday was her birthday and we celebrated by going out for drinks and dinner.

The bath.

Almost every second Saturday I come home after a hard day of interacting with the moronic general public and collapse into the bath. It’s starting to become a ritual…

Rock of Ages.

On Tuesday night, myself, my friends Eddie and Clare, and Clare’s family, went to see Rock of Ages at the Comedy Theatre. It was very funny, self-aware and had some great tunes. Review to come next week.

The stack.

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Magazine Review: ZINm, Issue Six.


With issue six released a couple of weeks ago, independent zine, ZINm, by Melbournian Marc Bonnici, is really hitting its stride.

The “Teen, Pop, Gossip, Trash” issue takes a page out of Famous’s book mag, with a snarky, funny and pop-culturally heavy tone.

On the “From the Editor” page (p. 5), Bonnici ponders the first world problems of “Britney VS. Katy: product placement in their new music videos” and “what colour scarf shall I wear to go check the mail…?”

The issues features a spread of Selena Gomez’s ever-changing hairdo (p. 6), how to correctly apply make-up (p. 9), Kellan Lutz’s obsession with exercise and long sports socks (p. 10–11), a “dear Christina Aguilera/Metro trains/couples walking in the city” letter in regular feature “Burn Book” (p. 18), and a Dolly Doctor-esque sexual advice column entitled “Doctor Chorizo” (p. 21).

Melissa George, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Roberts also make appearances.

It’s a good thing this issue comes with a “may contain possibly false information” disclaimer, ’cause the truly riotous celeb scandals in this issue couldn’t possibly be true!

The newsstand glossies should take heed: goodness knows a lot of their material is based on possibly false info!

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Magazines: Goodbye TV Hits, It Was Nice Knowing You.


The first magazine I ever bought was TV Hits.

I remember sticking posters of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, George Michael and Dean Cain of Lois & Clark fame on the wall of the room I shared with my sister.

I remember knowing the words to every Top 40 song that was released from about 1996 to 1999 (when I graduated from primary school and onto Dolly), thanks to the lyric card cut-outs each edition came complete with, which comes in handy for ’90s themed dance nights.

I remember hiding my latest copy under my desk at school and reading it cover to cover during class, then again when I got home.

I remember friends commenting that they were jealous of me for being a walking Wikipedia for all things celebrity.

TV Hits was where my love affair with pop culture began, and I was known to lose sleep waiting for the latest issue to come out the next day. My mind was a sponge back then, and after much sorting, I can usually recall some of that info.

But Girl with a Satchel reports that TV Hits is to fold, and while it has become a shadow of the magazine Mecca it once was, its nostalgic influence makes me sad to see it go.

But with blogs and mobile phones and Twitter and what not, the tween music mag has become obsolete. While back when I was its number one fan, the mag was much more of a TV Week meets the entertainment section of Famous or NW publication, it had devolved (evolved?) to strictly music, with a little bit of light TV and movies on the side.

The news comes at a time when fellow Australian mag Notebook: has released its final issue, highlighting the fact that unless a magazine is selling desirable numbers year on year, month on month, week on week, and if similar content is available elsewhere (online), there’s no place for it on the newsstand.

So, in honour of TV Hits, let’s break out the Spice Girls-style platform sneakers, spin some Best of 1998 albums and trek to the Reject Shop for some hair mascara and butterfly clips, and party like it’s 1999.

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Cheer Up, Keanu Reeves!

This week’s Famous magazine has a feature on the “Cheer Up, Keanu” movement that’s sweeping the web world.

A recent paparazzi pic of Keanu Reeves “sitting on a park bench eating a sandwich” and looking “forlorn” sparked concern amongst fans, who have created a number of websites dedicated to cheering the star up., and are three of the sites the magazine mentions, the latter of which has been issued a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) notice to cease publishing alternate images of the orginal pic of Keanu.

Luckily, Famous did all the heavy lifting and picked them up before they were deleted!

And here is one of the images SadKeanu is allowed to publish, as it doesn’t use the original image.

Three Reasons to Jump on the Glee Bandwagon (According to Famous).

famous glee

#1. Olivia Newton-John has been confirmed to sin “Let’s Get Physical”—tacky, ’80s pop culture at its best!

#2. A rumoured appearance by Adam Lambert. “Series creator Ryan Murphey” would love to have Glambert on the show.

#3. Two words (albeit hyphenated): MADONNA-THEMED EPISODE! This week’s TV Week also profiles “The Power of Madonna” (p. 104–105), with a blow-by-blow guide to the Material Girl’s hits featured on the ep, (airing here May 6.) I gotta get me some of that!

Full-blown Famous review to come later today.