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“A Brief History of the Bump Watch.”

And for any preggo Early Bird’s out there, this one’s also for you: “What You NEVER, Not in a Million Years, Expect When You’re Expecting”.

Dodai Stewart discovers the benefits of jeggings.

In the wake of St. Kilda’s most recent sex scandal (Ricky Nixon and the same underage girl who released damaging nude photos of St. Kilda players Nick Riewoldt and Nick Dal Santo in December, for those of you who have been under a rock the last week or so), Hawthorn’s Lance Franklin has released a sexist line of t-shirts.

Also with the St. Kilda Schoolgirl Scandal, Round 2, Mia Freedman writes:

“… I think it’s extremely interesting how she is indeed redressing the power imbalance between a 17-year-old girl and high profile AFL players and managers. She’s using social media and traditional media in ways that have been both surprising and disturbing to watch.”

Freedman shares her views on Justin Bieber’s recent abortion comments, as well. More on this to come next week.

For all the single ladies (put your hands up!), “10 More Reasons You’re Not Married”, which include such gems as “you’re not good enough at fellatio or you’re too good at fellatio,” “you are too fat or too skinny” and “you want children too much and/or not enough”. It seems we can’t (or can) win.

Guest Girl with a Satchel blogger, Georgie Carroll of Frangipani Princess, talks teen magazines. “… My favourite day of the month is still when the newest issues hit the stand”; mine too.

On femme fatales.

Jenna Sauers attends a Fashion Week PETA party and “talks about animals with Tim Gunn”. Interesting stuff.

Are Lady Gaga and Rihanna really original, or “stealing other artists’ work”?

Are you a fan of kangaroo meat? Read this; it might change your mind:

“Like the seal trade, it’s brutal, but it happens away from our view, at night in the bush. According to the law, adult kangaroos should be killed by a single shot to the brain.  But in reality, many are injured in the neck or the body, and flee into the bush where they die slowly and painfully.

“What’s even less known is the terrible fate of joeys, just like the one Ray waded into turbulent flood waters to save: over a million a year are killed each year along with their mothers. How? The hunter stomps on the pouch joey’s head, or bludgeons him or her with a metal pipe.  This is enough to make you think twice about ever putting roo on the menu. The young outside the pouch are shot through the heart or head.”

Images via Romantic Dreaming, Juciytings.

Magazine Review: Girlfriend, August 2010.

The latest issue of Girlfriend magazine boasts a redesign and reinforced attitude to positive body image, following the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct handed down by the Body Image Advisory Group. Plus, the irresistible Leighton Meester is on the cover bolsters their mantra that “I’m this way and that’s it” and “if you’re just yourself, you’ll never lose” (p. 27).

Inside, the mag is heavy on the body image articles, with “I Am Beautiful” (p. 29) outlining how Girlfriend has been contributing to the “body love” movement, such as including “more real girls as models” and “banning diet talk and photoshopping of body shape, size, hair colour or permanent marks”; Olympic gold medallist Stephanie Rice is introduced as the campaign’s ambassador (p. 30); cover story “The Pretty Myth” (p. 32) borrows its ideology from feminist author Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth, in that working on your confidence, intelligence and sense of fun and adventure is more important “than a pretty face”, while fellow cover star “Imma Be… Smarter, Faster, Calmer” (p. 75) reiterates these strategies for dealing with school, work, stress etc.; and “7 Ways to Make Friends With Your Body” (p. 37) encourages “active critical thought” of “movies, TV shows, books and so on”, but to “look at myself in the mirror with an uncritical eye, as if I’m my own best friend”.

Elsewhere, “prom” is the word (when did Australia start adopting the American version of “formal”?) for Love2Shop, with red carpet darlings Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff and Taylor Swift on its cover. While the formal editions were never my favourite when I was a teen, some of the fashion they feature wouldn’t be out of place in day-to-day life. I’m especially loving the tough cocktail rings featured on page 92.

Girlfriend is known for scouting all the on-trend items, then piling them all together on their models. While that can sometimes take away from the oomph of a single garment, this month they seemed to have lightened the load on their clothes horses (ie. models), and the fashion pages are better for it.

In a Japan-inspired shoot, military jackets meets sequins meets feminine florals are “taken to the streets” on not just models, but pro surfers (Reality Check told me so!) (p. 106).

In the regular “True Stories” section, “UK teen Pavan” tells of how she was “tricked into loving Mum’s killers”, who turned out to be her father and grandmother, who murdered her mother in a honour killing. Particularly poignant, as honour killings have featured heavily in mainstream media of late.

Perhaps a Mean Girls image would have been more appropriate to accompany the article “Hating on Her” (p. 51), as opposed to one of Rihanna, as God knows that girl has had her fair share of hating. Other than that, I found the article quite amusing and true to life, as I’m sure every girl has been guilty of becoming obsessed with our frenemies. Offers helpful tips for getting over the stalking, but not the “hate crush”!

For a different take on this issue of Girlfriend, check out Frangipani Princess’s guest review on Girl with a Satchel.