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Magazine Review: NYLON—September 2010.

When I bought NYLON’s television issue last week from mag nation, the staff member I was served by asked me if I’d been disillusioned by NYLON lately, ’cause he has.

I replied with the fact that I haven’t bought NYLON for at least six months because none of the content has appealed to me, so I guess that answered his question.

This month’s cover star, although a Gossip Girl cast member, Jessica Szohr (perhaps the coverline should have read “Phwoar! It’s Jessica Szohr?”) wasn’t the drawcard that most of my NYLON back issues were bought for.

No, it was its “television issue” billing, the yearly edition of which I have been buying for the past two years. And loving it, might I add?

My first brush with “the TV issue” was in 2008, when the new 90210 was making its debut, and Shenae Grimes, AnnaLynne McCord and Jessica Stroup and it blew my mind. It was all I could ever hope for in a magazine.

Last year’s edition featured True Blood’s Anna Paquin, and not yet being a True Blood devotee, skimmed past her interview, but enjoyed all the other TV-related matter in the mag.

So I had high hopes for this year’s edition. Some good points were seeing Summer Heights High’s Ja’mie inspiring a fashion spread (p. 88); a childhood flashback to Saved by the Bell’s Lisa, Kelly and Jessie and how to get their beauty looks (do we really want to, more to the point?!) on page 152; and my new favourite Glee club member, Brittany, played by Heather Morris, channelling Mad Men’s Betty Draper meets a Marc Jacobs ad campaign (p. 252).

Probably the best parts of the mag are the little, almost-unnoticeable-unless-you-know-what-you’re-looking-for, sidebars from television heavyweights such as Josh Schwartz (creator of The O.C. and Gossip Girl) (p. 86), Brad Goreski (assistant to Rachel Zoe on The Rachel Zoe Project) (p. 116) and Dennis Haskings, Mr. Belding from the aforementioned Saved by the Bell (p. 152) about their most loved television moments. Peaches Geldoff, divulging her favourite quirky shows (such as Freaks & Geeks) rounds out the issue, which could have been better.

Magazine Review: Frankie—September/ October 2010.

We’ve all heard the buzz surrounding frankie (here is but one link); she is the “it girl” of the 2010 magazine world. (Cleo would do well to take a page out of her book.)

frankie’s September/October issue is by no means the best I’ve ever read, but the usual frankie-esque features are there, including “What It’s Like to Work At…” (p. 36), with Etsy being this article’s drawcard, columnist Daniel Moore hilariously recounting his 1994 encounter with rapper Ice-T in an Adelaide Big W (p. 68), and frankie mainstays Benjamin Law and Marieke Hardy working their magic.

Elsewhere in the mag, Rowena Grant-Frost “counts down… [her] favourite filmic dorks, dweebs and weirdos” (p. 65), with a particular focus on everyone’s fave, Daria (“People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute”), and the Judd Apatow-produced Freaks & Geeks, which also makes an appearance in NYLON’s TV issue (review pending), while Law “rates frankie’s top five literary apocalypses” (p. 94), which is quirk personified!

In fashion, model-of-the-moment Samantha Harris rocks a jagged fringe (p. 72) and retro sailor-style swimwear beckons in “Togs Ahoy!” (p. 46).

A fairly lacklustre edition of Australia’s publishing darling, but she’s proved herself enough to have one off month (or bi-month). I just hope she returns to form for the November/December Christmas issue.