My Week in Pictures.

Saying “Goodbye, CSIRAC”.

My friend, Zoe (who kindly and awesomely did the artwork for this here blog), saw months of hard work culminate in her Next Wave Festival show, Goodbye, CSIRAC, about women, technology and Australia’s first computer. Congrats, Zoe!

Senior’s cinema.

I was supposed to go and see Midnight in Paris with a friend who loves the movie, but she bailed to go away for the weekend. Seeing as I have no life, I got my senior’s cinema on on Sunday morning and went to see it solo. I make it a rule not to see Woody Allen productions (what with that whole marrying-his-stepdaughter thing), but I actually enjoyed this one.

Dark Shadows.

I was really looking forward to Dark Shadows, which is unusual for a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaborative effort, but it let me down. I enjoyed the imagery and Eva Green’s character Angelique, but the story had massive holes in it. The resurrection of Helena Bonham Carter’s character, Dr. Hoffman, at the end means a sequel will (hopefully) attempt to fill these holes.

The stack.

I’m finally plowing through Bret Hart’s autobiography, Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling, after having it on rotation for a couple of months now. It’s getting to the good, but tragic, parts now, with the Montreal Screwjob and his brother Owen’s death. Hart actually lived a sad life, despite all his accomplishments in the professional wrestling world.

Elsewhere: [Wikipedia] Montreal Screwjob.