So This Is Christmas & What Have You Done?

I’m over New Years resolutions, so instead, I’m going to reflect on what has been a pretty full on and somewhat life changing year:

  • In January, I went to Phillip Island with some workmates for a few days, which kind of set the scene for a tumultuous year, friend-wise. I gained one good friend and lost another as a result, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It made me realise you’ve got to stand up for yourself and cut people out of your life who treat you like crap and make you feel that way.
  • Shortly after said trip, I moved from country Victoria to Melbourne. It was my first time living out of home and my first time living alone, and let me tell you, I loved every minute of it. Relations between my mother and I were strained, so I definitely needed some me time (six months of it, in fact) in order to fend for myself, have my own living space where I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, and in the end, it made me appreciate “home” more (more to come on that next week).
  • Of course, the most significant change this year was starting this blog. I want to thank all the readers who’ve stuck by me from the start, especially my friends who initially felt obligated to support me, but now keep coming back because they actually like what I write! And I want to thank Erica Bartle from Girl with a Satchel for her support and guidance in the very beginning; Rachel Hills of Musings of an Inappropriate Woman, who has inspired me in incorporating “On the (Rest of the) Net”, feminist commentary and gender relations into the blog, and who sometimes features me on hers (!); Sarah Ayoub of Wordsmith Lane, who was my first “Profile” guinea pig, and who was also a big supporter in launching the blog; and Gala Darling (of Gala Darling, duh!), whose link to me saw my readership jump from about 200 one day to 1600 the next! She has also supported me privately via email, which I was très excited about! I hope to see you all coming back in 2011.
  • Living in Melbourne in general has seen my world opened up to so many new things, which in turn provides blog fodder. Just some of the cool things I’ve done this year, just because I could: attended numerous roller derby gigs; saw childhood icon Peter Combe in concert; saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Botanic Gardens (with Wind in the Willows coming up); went to many an exhibition; and much, much more.

So that’s what I’ve done this year.

And here’s one more thing I’m going to do: leave you with some John Lennon to get you in the holiday spirit, in case you already aren’t.