On the (Rest of the) Net.

Yet another reason to “really dislike Katy Perry”.

On the other hand, yet another reason to “Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City”:

“We are, as a group, anti-fanny-pack as much as we are pro-gay-marriage. Hetero marriage… we can pretty much take or leave.”

Dr. Katrina Warren on “The Grief of Losing a Pet”. Be warned: this is a tear jerker. I was bawling by the third paragraph, possibly because this story is close to my heart. I lost my dog Ben (above), who’d been with us for seven years, last year, and I still miss him like crazy.

While it may be summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, Gawker lists the “10 Things I Love About Winter”, one being winter movies (which we see here in summer):

“So while Pirates of the Caribbean 18: The Scullery’s Scourage, Transformers 8: This Time It’s Impersonal, and Men in Black 3: Will Smith’s Kids Can’t Make All the Money may make your July 4th jam, I’d rather pass the popcorn in December.”

Satah from This Ain’t Living mourns the loss of “the fun, campy, musical romp of high school TV shows”, Glee.

From “Harry Potter and the Incredibly Conservative Aristocratic Children’s Club”:

“Maybe, incidentally, the reason no other woman as smart as Hermione appears in the books is that J.K. Rowling, like the Turk, can bear no sister near the throne. Her volcanic ego burns down everything in its path. Where the Twilight books are works produced from and for a state of sexual yearning and frustration, Rowling’s ‘wizarding world’ is a fantasy place created for the benefit of Hermione Granger, for her infinite sagacity, foresightedness and teacher’s-pet-hood to be rewarded at every turn.”

I wish Dolly Parton was my fairy godmother.

Elizabeth Wurtzel on the sex appeal of Sarah Palin. Sure, she may be a “kind of sexy librarian, kind of a MILF” but “unfortunately, Sarah Palin is not very bright, not very thoughtful and not very qualified to run a country”. Well said.

“This is a post about judgement”, by Mia Freedman.

Movies: Movie Mash-Ups.

Courtesy of Eddie, whom you may remember from last week’s The Expendables review.

Dumbo Drop Zone

From Russia With Lovely Bones

Jumping Jack Flash Gordon

Tarzan & the Lost City of Angels

Legends of the Falling Down

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Mystery Men in Black

Robin Hoodwinked

The Poseidon Adventures of Barry McKenzie

A Little Princess Bride

One Hour Photo Booth

Jungle 2 Jungle Book

The Time Machinist

Drop Dead Freddy Got Fingered

Trailer Park Boys Don’t Cry

Battlefield Earth Girls Are Easy

The Fisher King & I

National Treasure Island


Chicken Run Lola Run

The Colour Purple Rain

A Clockwork Orange County

Thankyou for Smoking Aces

Pretty Woman on Top

My Fair Lady & the Tramp

Stuart Little Shop of Horrors

Teachers Pet Cemetery

Air Force One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Man on the Moonstruck

Die Hard Days Night

The Quite American Psycho

Be Cool Runnings

Freaky Friday the 13th

Freddy vs. Jason & the Argonauts

Life as a House on Haunted Hill

It Takes Two Hands

The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride and Prejudice

Bad Boys 2 Kill a Mockingbird

Some Like it Hot Fuzz

Man in the Iron Mask of Zorro

Watchmen Who Stare at Goats

Magnificent Seven Samurai