My Week in Pictures.

So there was no “Week in Pictures” last Thursday ’cause I was geeing up for this week! 21st’s, Melbourne Festival talks and preparations for my birthday next week: exciting!

The early birthday presents.

My friend April, who is traveling across the U.S. and Canada sent me some Americana-themed birthday presents. I especially loved the Glee card (which plays “Time Warp”!) and the American Women & World War II book, with Rosie the Riveter on the cover (she’s who I’m going as for Halloween. Shhh!).

Then Lana and Christine put in for this fabulous Tiffany’s coffee table book. I do love my Tiffany’s!

The (other) birthday presents.

Tess’s birthday was back in early October, but she’s so hard to buy for I offered to take her book shopping, where she chose Blood by Tony Birch, who was her uni lecturer. The campy blood bookmark I got her to go along with it was particularly fitting!

The housemate pedicure.

Whilst I was painting my nails during The Slap, my housemate Eddie offered his big toe. I think red’s a good colour on him, don’t you?

The 21st.

One of my younger co-workers, Jackson (not pictured), turned 21 over the weekend. Attending it made me realise just how old I am! “Nobody likes you when you’re 23…”

The car ride home.

Said 21st really took it out of me, and I had to work the next day, so I got a ride home at about 11:30. An hour and a half later, at 1am, I was finally home! Roadworks in the city meant a 20 minute drive turned into a road trip. Luckily we had sparklers to keep us entertained!

The movie.

What’s Your Number review to come later today.

The Melbourne Festival talks.

Last Thursday night, I attended a talk about the Arab Spring as part of the You Say You Want a Revolution series. How serendipitous, then, that Muammar Gaddafi was pronounced dead the next morning! That night I also went to see Not Sorry Enough. Both good events, but they tended to leave me and my fellow attendees with more questions than before.

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Toy Story 3’s Barbie—Not as Dumb as She Looks.


I recently re-watched Toy Story 3 after seeing it originally in cinemas last year. Barbie never ceases to amaze me, and I, like, really relate to her bubbly air-head exterior and smart and assertive interior. Here, her exact words on Lot-So’s dictatorship, which could totes be applied to Muammar Gaddafi and the situation in Libya:

“Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

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Image via Free Frank Warner.