My Week in Pictures.

90s Aquarium Beach Party @ A Bar Called Barry.

To celebrate Aqua coming to Oz, A Bar Called Barry hosted a ’90s-themed Aquarium beach party where you could win tickets to Aqua’s shows by finding bits of dismembered “Barbie Girl”. We didn’t find any rogue pieces of “Polyester Girl”, but luckily we already have tickets.

We all decided to go in costume, which originally consisted of playsuits and floaties, which April and Michelle stayed true to. However, when I went to try on my $10 playsuit from Sportsgirl, it was supremely unflattering, so I decided I wasn’t going to go in costume. Then, when I was returning some books to the City Library in Flinders Lane, I decided to pop into Retrostar Vintage Clothing to see if they had any cheap playsuits or old school swimsuits. I did manage to find some vintage shorts for not-so-cheap, but I thought they were fabulous and just had to have them. While I’ll probably never wear them to anything but a costume party, I just love them! So my costume strayed a little bit from the colourful playsuit model we originally agreed upon, but retro is a bit more my style anyway.

Getting ready for a beach party.

’90s beach fun!

On the train on the way there some guy approached me and said, “I’m going to out-gay myself here, but you should really keep that Dita Von Teese look you’ve got going on.” We replied by saying we thought he was going to ask us for money! Thanks for the compliment, though, random guy.

This image via A Bar Called Barry’s Facebook page.

“Oo, oo, ah, ah, sexy eyes.”

J. Edgar.

I went to see J. Edgar on cheapo Monday at Nova, and while I quite enjoyed the movie, I did fall asleep in it… twice! Oops!

The stack.

The rogue chilli plant.

So this is what happens when you neglect your garden? Maybe I shouldn’t tend to my hydrangeas for six months and they’ll be thriving, too?!

My Week in Pictures.

The cabaret.

As part of the Midsumma festival, Christie Whelan in Britney Spears: The Cabaret made its much anticipated return to The Loft at Chapel Off Chapel. I have to say the second time around wasn’t as good as the first, but it’s still a great show. This time with added Christina and Meat Pole (K-Fed) fat jokes and an engagement nod!

The movies.

Cheap Mondays at Nova is becoming a weekly thing. This week it was The Iron Lady, which I really enjoyed. Meryl Streep was brilliant, as always, and unfortunately made me sympathetic to Margaret Thatcher.

The stack.

Mia Freedman made her debut for News Ltd. this past weekend. While I refuse to give my money to the Herald Sun so will be accessing my Sunday Mia columns on her website, my workplace fortunately gets them for free, and I couldn’t resist picking up a copy when I saw the ad campaign they went with. Mia makes the front cover! My housemate also delighted in the campaign and sent me this photo (below) as he passed a newsagent.

More new books…

I noticed a lone copy of wrestling legend Bret Hart’s autobiography on a stand at Readings’ discount outlet in Lygon Court and just had to have it. Oh, the same could be said for James Ellroy’s The Black Dahlia

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Movie Review: Sleeping Beauty*.


I usually don’t care for indie, artsy films with an “underlying message”. Give me fluff and fun any day.

So it was unusual for me to want to see Sleeping Beauty, the latest Cannes Film Festival effort by Julia Leigh, starring Sucker Punch’s Emily Browning.

Let’s just say I should have left well enough alone and left it to the creative/hipster Nova Carlton crew to nod understandingly along with the quiet and confronting scenes, while I scoffed at the pretension and a group of girls up the front laughed at the copious amounts of nudity.

This was something I took issue with. Normally, nudity doesn’t bother me so long as it’s not gratuitous and lends itself to the story. Browning’s naked body in almost every scene was an integral part of the story when she becomes the titular “sleeping beauty”. However, she also slept naked, went topless at the request of her dying friend, and basically hung around in her natural state. Which is all well and good if this were real life, but the stunted acting and unrealistic dialogue made it clear that the storyline certainly wasn’t realistic. I counted nine instances of Browning’s nudity, not to mention the bondage party at the beginning of the film, which introduces Browning’s character, Lucy, to the underground perversion club she’ll now be working for, and the three old man peens who try to have their wicked and disturbing way with Lucy. But, as madam of the House of Sleeping Beauties, a novella by Nobel prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata on which Sleeping Beauty is allegedly based, says, “there will be no penetration”. That’s comforting, then!

While I felt that at some point during the movie, Browning’s nudity went from being artistic to exploitative, the same could be said for the men of the movie. Only the older patrons of madam Clara were seen in all their glory, which didn’t take away from Leigh’s commentary on the youth and beauty of Lucy, but was perhaps an effort to objectify the men who objectify Lucy.

*It has come to my attention that I give away too much in my movie reviews, so the asterisk will now serve as a blanket *spoiler alert* from now on.

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Image via IMDb.