New Weekly Post: My Week in Pictures.

So last week’s debut of “My Week in Pictures” didn’t go so well, as I lost half the images on my BlackBerry! I’m hoping this week goes more smoothly. Let me know in the comment if you think “My Week in Pictures” is a cool new post, or if you just don’t care about my life that much!


Shaking what our mamma gave us!




Pissing ourselves laughing at Flo Rida’s latest film clip, for “Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)”, and flashing our my control undies!

The girls night.

Beyonce-themed night at gay bar A Bar Called Barry in Melbourne’s Fitzroy was a blast… until the boys showed up and crashed it!

The movies.

As per my review, don’t waste your money on Sleeping Beauty. Even if it was only $9 at Carlton’s Nova.

The stack.

The view.

Living in Richmond, this is the lovely view from my apartment… Okay, if you stand in the corner of my loungeroom and look sideways out the window, it’s the view from my apartment. This is the view from out on the street.

The 70%-off Borders loot.

Borders closes down this week (sob!), but that means I got 70% off some books I wouldn’t have forked out for otherwise. One is former professional wrestler Brock Lesnar’s “memoir”, the others are a surprise for my friend and future housemate Eddie, and have been strategically hidden underneath.

The dinner.

The cold weather had brought out the baker in me, and I spent the last couple of days cooking peri peri chicken and veggies and…

Guilty: I licked the bowl!

The finished product!

The dessert.

… homemade honeycomb rocky road! Yummo!

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Girls night photos by Isaebella Doherty (except the blurry one; that was me!).