My Week in Pictures.

Ken & Laura on the ferry to the zoo.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

Somehow I think this ride is not meant for people our size…

Just chillin’.

Rockin’ the helmets for our ride ’round Rottnest.

We climbed down an embankment to come across this serene stretch of beach. Despite the freezing temperatures on the island, the water was so warm. That’s WA for ya. Or maybe it just seemed warm because we were so cold…

Quokkas are everywhere on Rottnest. One even climbed into my bag in an attempt to get to the fruit in there!

This shot pretty much sums up mine and Clare’s feelings towards the Rottnest ferry!

This week has been spent mostly galavanting across the country to Perth, to visit my friend Laura, who moved back there earlier this year. While I can’t say I liked the city, it was interesting to see that a major Australian city operates like a country town in the ’90s: shops closed on weekends, food ridiculously overpriced and all the buildings are brand new. It was fun to check out the zoo, ride 8kms around Rottnest Island in the blistering cold and catch up with fellow blogger Camilla Peffer, of Girls Are Made From Pepsi, and Laura, of course!

For the rest of my time off, my housemate and I are embarking on a two-day, eight-movie marathon of the Batman chronicles, in preparation of the final instalment of The Dark Knight.

I got through a significant portion of Stephen King’s 22.11.63 on the plane trips, but could not find a copy of the latest issue of Famous anywhere in Perth, and I left two days after it was supposed to come out! Ended up picking up a copy at the supermarket this morning; see what I mean?