My Week in Pictures.

Writing off the day to spend it in bed watching the rain.

Puppy likes doing this, too!

Downward-facing dog.

I’ve been missing out a bit on my exercise (jogging and free weights) in favour of making sure Mia has a daily walk and/or run. I have a hip injury which prevents me from doing much running on concrete, while Mia’s only allowed to go on concrete until her vaccinations are up to date. So it’s a catch-22. I did find her in this yoga position, though; long enough to snap her in it.

New shoes.

My three most-worn pairs of shoes—black studded ballet flats, blue ballet flats and black biker boots—are all broken (that hasn’t stopped me wearing them, though!) so I thought it was high time I got some new ones. These biker boots are from Sportsgirl, and I’d been eyeing them off since February and finally bit the bullet and parted with $150 for them on Tuesday. Luckily, as it was positively torrential in Melbourne the next day!

Assembling for The Avengers.

One of the perks cons interesting facts of living with a comic book nerd is that you are forced to go along to the very first screening of the latest big screen adaptations if you express an interest in seeing them. This means forking out full price and lining up for an hour to secure the best seats in the house for The Avengers, which we saw last night. Housemate loved it; I didn’t feel my life had been enriched in any way by seeing it. I did enjoy posing with the film’s posters, though.

The stack.

I just want your extra time and your… Prince tickets.

That’s right, topping off a year that will include Lady Gaga and Elton John is Prince. I can’t wait to don “Diamonds & Pearls” and a “Raspberry Beret” whilst working up a “Black Sweat”. All I need is a “Little Red Corvette” to get me to Rod Laver Arena on May 15th.

Rainbows keep falling on my head.

And in this weather, who could blame them? This one was taken after a downpour on Sunday afternoon which stopped just in time for me to get home from work.

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My Week in Pictures.

The Descendants. 

It only won one of the Academy Awards it was nominated for, and perhaps deservedly so, but it’s an enjoyable movie and George Clooney is great in it.

The stack. 

I read a fantastic article about pit bulls in Good Weekend on Saturday, and I have to say, it validated my view that not all dogs—just like humans—can be judged by the actions of a few. I can’t seem to find the article online, but if you can pick up a belated copy, please do.

Nursery rhyme-themed birthday party.

Birthday Bo Peep.

The Mad Hatter, Ring Around the Rosey and a Hipster Blind Mouse.

Me and the birthday girl.

True dat.

Ten minutes into the night and my stockings are already ripped!

A Bar Called Barry, Lana’s 27th birthday and nursery rhyme theme = fun!

Sportsgirl top. 

After some rigmarole involving not enough money in my account, Telstra going down, my size being sold out and the style I wanted only being available online, I finally got the Sportsgirl Peter Pan animal print top I’d been fantasising about for several weeks!

I’m officially an organ donor!

Congrats to the lucky recipients of my tissue and organs! Seriously though, my card arrived in the mail last week which was, fittingly, Organ Donation Week, and I’m so happy that if I’m braindead my organs can live on and give life to someone else after I’m gone. I urge everyone to sign up. Go to Medicare’s Organ Donation Register to do so.

The Descendants image via LUChameleon.