Magazines: (Fake) Cover of the Week—Disney Princes Get Their Time in the Meme Spotlight.

While Sleeping Beauty’s Prince Charming has the most striking cover, I have a soft spot for the Beast’s National Geographic cover, as well as Prince Eric’s, of The Little Mermaid fame, Men’s Journal and Snow White’s Prince for Men’s Vogue.

Elsewhere: [io9] Disney Princes Grace the Covers of Men’s Magazines.

Images via io9.

New Weekly Post: My Week in Pictures.

Welcome to The Early Bird Catches the Worm’s new weekly post, My Week in Pictures.

I stole got this idea from MamaMia’s awesome “(Open) Post of the Week”, and my friend Cristian Espinoza’s blog, JapandamanDailies, who often do “highlight reel”-esque posts each week.

This is a bit of an experimental, work-in-progress type of post, so let me know in the comments if you like this new feature or if you just don’t really care about my life that much!

The new bedspread.

I’ve been wanting a Tiffany blue and chocolate damask bed spread for about three years and I’ve never been able to find the right one. This one isn’t exactly what I wanted either, but it’ll do… for now!

The movies.

My friend Clare and I went to see The Little Mermaid at ACMI in Federation Square and bumped into these two fine fellows. Kodak moment!

The day trip.

My friend Andrew asked me to accompany him on a studying day trip to Churchill Island, off Phillip Island. I’m glad I did, because we saw one of the most amazing views ever: the water blending into the skyline due to the fog, and at times the sun made it look pink. Heaven (if I believed in it). We also had a horse and cart ride and I patted a pig!

The stack.

I also had plans to show you some pics from a dinner party for two with my good friend Linzie, who finally viewed my apartment
—10 months after I moved in!—while I made her a rice and tuna bake (so easy!), amongst other things, but my BlackBerry carked it, swallowing them up into the cell phone abyss.

Perhaps “My Week in Pictures” will be more successful next time…

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On the Net: Seven Disney Sins.

The Little Mermaid’s Ariel: Greed.

The grass sea is always greener bluer on the other side.

Snow White: Gluttony.

Forbidden fruit.

Beauty & the Beast’s Belle: Vanity.

Vanity fair. While Belle “herself is not vain, those around her seem to see nothing but her beauty…”

Cinderella: Lust.

Lust at first sight for a world that’s not her own.

Sleeping Beauty’s Aurora: Sloth.

Need I say more?

Aladdin’s Jasmine: Anger.

Well, she is feisty!

Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell: Envy.

Green with envy.

[Jezebel] The Seven Deadly Sins of Disney Princesses.

Images via Jezebel, via Flavorwire, via DeviantART.

On the Net: Dare to Dream.

A few weeks ago Disney unveiled Annie Leibovitz’s latest portraits in the Disney Dreams collection: Olivia Wilde as the Evil Queen and Alec Baldwin as the enchanted mirror man in Snow White & the Seven Dwarves, Penelope Cruz and Jeff Bridges as Beauty & the Beast, and Queen Latifa as The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula.

For my money, they’ve got nothing on Leibovitz’s past creations of Rachel Weisz as Snow White, the ill-fated Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens as the Prince and Sleeping Beauty, or Jessica Biel as Pocahontas, but still worth a squiz.

[Disney Parks Blog] Disney Parks Unveils New Annie Leibovitz Disney Dream Portraits.

Images via Disney Parks Blog.

On the Net/Movies: Beauty & the Beast Remains Relevant.

From Beastly’s False Fairytale” by Alex Leo on Jezebel:

“Unlike Ariel giving up her voice for love or Sleeping Beauty being woken by Prince Charming, this story has immediate and practical implications for our culture—especially for young girls trying to figure out who they are and what they ‘have to do’ to be accepted. The problem is that while the story sets the goal that the Beast stop judging people based on their looks and learn to see the beauty within, the male lead always ends up with a hot woman. It’s right there in the title! She’s a beauty and he’s a monster and I am confused. If the point is that he truly change and accept that looks are merely skin-deep, then shouldn’t he end up with a less-than-stunning partner?”

[Jezebel] Beastly’s False Fairytale.

On the Net: More Disney/Hipster Mash-Ups.

Yesterday I promised some more Disney hipsters, so here they are:

[BuzzFeed] A Collection of the Best Hipster Disney Memes.

[Geekosystem] 20 of the Very Best Hipster Disney Princesses.

[The Early Bird Catches the Worm] Mean Girls 3: Disney Princess HIPSTER Version.

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Images via BuzzFeed, Geekosystem.

On the Net: It’s Hip(ster) to be a Mermaid.

Disney’s been done by Mean Girls, Stockholm syndrome sufferers and fashion mags. Now, the new frontier of hipsterism has ventured under the sea into Ariel’s world.

Who would’ve thunk it that the bubbly ranga mermaid would serve as a spokeswoman for the hipster way?

[Hipster Ariel] Homepage.

[Buzzfeed] The Best of Hipster Little Mermaid.

[The Early Bird Catches the Worm] The Little Mermaid: Part of Glee‘s World?

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[The Early Bird Catches the Worm] Disney Does Designers… Elle Style.

Images via Hipster Ariel, Buzzfeed.

Movies: Blondes Have More Fun—And They’re Magical!—In Tangled.

The premise of the latest Disney princess effort—a retelling of the story of Rapunzel—is that the damsel in distress is locked away in her tower so that mean baddies won’t be able to find her and steal her supernatural healing powers.

The clincher is that if she cuts her long hair, it turns brown and loses its magical properties. A blatant favouritism of blondes over brunettes if ever there was one!

Granted, the brunette Disney princess has seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, with the first African American princess, Tiana, in The Princess & the Frog, Mulan, Esmeralda of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas, Jasmine from Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast’s Belle, and even the flame haired Little Mermaid. Perhaps the blonde haired heroines (okay, I wouldn’t exactly class Cinderella and Aurora as “heroines” per se, but Rapunzel certainly kicked some but in Tangled) wanted a shot at the multi-dimensional princess crown.

Other than that, I really enjoyed Tangled. I usually find Mandy Moore supremely annoying, her voice especially, but I could barely tell it was her throughout the movie. Chuck’s Zachary Levi was great as the misunderstood Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert. Unfortunately, I missed the first ten minutes or so due to a delicious brunch and Saturday morning traffic on Chapel Street, however it was fairly easy to pick back-story up at the tear jerking pinnacle. (Will definitely be catching it again at ACMI—at a mere $6, who could say no?)

[ACMI] Tangled.

The Little Mermaid: Part of Glee’s World?

Last weekend, when I attended a curator’s talk on ACMI’s Dreams Come True: The Art of Disney’s Classic Fairytales exhibition, the speaker talked about The Little Mermaid, and how Ariel was crafted to represent the “teenage emotions” of “growing up, maturing” and developing as a human person.  

And with the added symbolism of losing her voice, this could be the plotline for an episode of Glee, perhaps? Hmm…

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