My Week in Review (Plus a Couple of Extra Days Thrown in There).

My week usually consists of work, catching up on the multitude of blogs, mags and books I read and my TV shows, blogging (or, as my friend April likened my days off to, “blogging, jogging, more blogging, watching True Blood, and more blogging!”), working out and catching up with friends on one or two nights. I’m lucky in my paid job is very much like a socialising session, as a lot of my friends are also my colleagues. I don’t like to overextend myself too much, but I also like to keep a healthy balance of “me” time and “we” time, which I have blogged about in the past.

This past week, as you will see below, differs from the ideal, above.

Saturday 6th: Work, then went to the last Victorian Roller Derby League tournament before the final at Melbourne Showgrounds on Saturday 27th November.

Sunday 7th: Finally, after more than six months of gruelling labour, abuse by the public and exhaustion in general, my workplace celebrated the end of an era, venturing to several waterholes across the city in merriment. But not before I finished up a 9 til 6 shift at said workplace. Give and take.

Monday 8th: Blogged in the morning, devised a workout circuit in my apartment block’s carpark with my roommate/cousin and then went to a friend’s comedy gig at Spleen Bar on Bourke Street. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and there were lots of timely Joel Monaghan jokes to whet my appetite for inappropriate humour.

Tuesday 9th: More blogging, then played some pool at Red Triangle in Fitzroy and shared some drinks with a friend.

Wednesday 10th: Back to work, followed by a friend’s going away drinks at The Pumphouse in Carlton.

Thursday 11th: Said friend Tess’s last day at work, which was a bit emotional for her. Some co-workers asked why I wasn’t upset. I replied with the fact that we are such good friends that it’s not like I’d never see her again; in fact, I saw her again the following night!

After sleeping in (started work late), I spent the afternoon shopping for costumes for the work Christmas party at Rose Chong’s costumes in Fitzroy, followed by ice coffee with friends. This was my first night home since last Friday night, and I relished it by catching up on some reading and indulging in Gossip Girl.

Friday 12th: It was too hot to do much, but I blogged in the morning, attended the meeting for the Christmas party mid-afternoon, chilled in front of the TV with Glee and some lemon sorbet, then went out for drinks with Katrina (whom I affectionately, but much to her dismay, like to call Treen Bean) who’s going to the Red Centre for two weeks at The Union in Fitzroy.

After that full on week (which will be reflected in the lesser amount of blog posts than usual this week), I can take solace in the fact that I’ve only committed myself to one talk at the Wheeler Centre, one coffee date, and one evening of Desperately Seeking Susan (which has to do with a top secret blog post I’m working on) and Jennifer’s Body, all of which I will be engaging in solo, as well as a mother/daughter/sister trip to The Way We Wear vintage market in Williamstown on the weekend and a morning jog with a friend this week. Oh, and I guess I’ll have to fit the tedium of work (not to mention bloggingwhich is anything but tedious) in there somewhere! Ahh, I can’t wait for the uneventfulness of it all…

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