TV: The Last Tango… For the Season—Gossip Girl Season Three Finale.

It’s all about the season finales. Last night, Gossip Girl; tonight, LOST.

After last week’s cliff-hanger, GG’s season finale deals with the fallout from Jenny’s scheming ways when she interfered with the gang’s sting operation to catch out William van der Woodsen in his lie, and what will happen if Blair decides to take Chuck up on his ultimatum to meet him atop the Empire State Building before 7:01pm, or he’ll “forever close my heart to you”.

Dan made a surprise appearance in the back of a limo with Serena last week, comforting her after she said goodbye to her father. Another shocker ensues, when Jenny catches Dan and Serena asleep in bed together, and takes a picture of them to blast on Gossip Girl. The dialogue between the two that follows goes a little something like this:

Dan: “Last night… was a mistake.”

Serena: “We’re both in relationships. We just fell asleep…”

Dan: “… After an entire bottle of wine, and a whole lot of talking…”

Serena: “… And one kiss.”


Meanwhile Blair, a heavily pregnant Dorota acting as date chaperone and rugby boy Cameron take a detour “off this island” of Manhattan to Brooklyn to put Little J and Dan in their places for “messing with the people I love.”

Dorota tries to urge Blair to meet Chuck, adding that “I defriend Mr. Chuck on Facebook and in life,” but that she mustn’t do the same. Blair is having none of it.

Point in this episode echo the pilot, when Serena returns from boarding school and Chuck tries to put the moves on Jenny. This time around, it’s Jenny being banished to Hudson to live with her mother and see out the school year. But not before she finds time to get deflowered by a dejected Chuck, who waited for Blair “wearing a bow tie and carrying peonies”, to no avail.

Chuck shouldn’t have moved so fast in attempting to get over Blair, as she shows up on his doorstep, explaining that Dorota had her baby and that’s why she was late.

Aww, it seems everything is hunky dory.

Not so fast!

In the dramatic season final, there are several OMG moments, the first one being that Chuck proposes to Blair at the hospital, which is interrupted by a punch to Chuck’s head from Dan, who has found out what unravelled between he and Jenny. Needless to say, Blair never wants to see Chuck again. No, this time she, like, really is serious, you guys!

Serena decides she needs a break from Nate, citing the oft-used “it’s not you, it’s me” response when Nate asks “why?” Nate proceeds to devour Chuck’s little black book when he leaves for Prague.

Blair hitches a ride with her mother and Cyrus to Paris, and invites Serena along for the ride. Dan gets wind of this and Googles Air France, only to be interrupted by none other than hellcat Georgina Sparks, claiming that she has something of Dan’s… which just happens to be residing in her womb! (OMG moment #2.)

The season ends with a shotpardon the punof Chuck exiting a Prague club and being mugged. In an effort to “protect the past” in the form of Blair’s would-be engagement ring, Chuck is shot (OMG moment #3)!

OMG, indeed.

Until September, XOXO.

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