Britney Spears—Not That Innocent.


From “Desperately Seeking Amy” by a guest writer on Overthinking It:

“The first time Spears delved into the fascinating world of singing about yourself through an alter ego, she was eighteen and singing about ‘a girl named Lucky’ back in the days when she was still being marketed as the sweet, virginal, girl-next-door, and before she became, ‘Mrs “Oh my God, that Britney’s shameless”’ . Though Amy and Lucky were born in different eras, they both suggest a deep-seated dissatisfaction with the fast-paced, highly-scrutinized, celebrity way of life. And that can hardly come as a surprise; Britney Spears is forever being criticized in the media for being slutty, or a bad mother, or without integrity, or crazy or stupid-or-blond[e]-or-Southern-or-Sagittarius…

“Lucky ‘cry, cry, cries’ but Amy is stronger. Amy is wiser. Amy is pissed off that if you seek Amy in the club, or smoking outside, or in her home while she’s playing with her kids, Britney Spears gets fucked. That’s what’s really obscene here: her message that says, ‘if you seek Amy’ = ‘F-U-C-K me‘. You might as well. You already have.”

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