Movies: The Best Movies I’ve Seen This Year.


Tomorrow, When the War Began. Check out my review to see how strongly I feel about it.

Desk Set. This 1957 romantic comedy starring Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy takes place in a reference library, and deals with the incorporation of computers to help the ladies in their cataloguing. With a healthy dose of the trademark ’50s slapstick rom-com dynamic and TDF fashion, I loved this one.

Easy A. Again, another I’ve done a review on. While I had high hopes for this one, it didn’t live up to them fully, but it is one of the smarter teen movies in recent memory. On par with Mean Girls, perhaps?

Rear Window. What took me so long, right? I watched this one for the first time last Christmas, and continued the tradition again this holiday season. Grace Kelly is luminous as “his girl Friday” to James Stewart’s L.B. Jeffries, who is the ultimate leading man. Hitchcock at his best.

Toy Story 3. It is unanimous that Toy Story 3 is one of the best movies released in 2010. Perhaps the best of the Toy Story franchise? Nah, my money’s on the first instalment.

Desperately Seeking Susan. So bad it’s good. The fashion is fabulous (on Madonna’s part, anyway) and Her Madgesty is surprisingly likable in it.

Sorry about the dismal effort in this post, but seriously; there were no good movies this year! You only have to look at Sex & the City 2 (which I quite liked, but will admit was baaad), The Expendables and Killers for proof of that.

That’s why I spent a lot of my cinema-going money on the classics, such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Beauty & the Beast in 3D. That counts as a movie I haven’t seen before this year, right? Right…?

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2 thoughts on “Movies: The Best Movies I’ve Seen This Year.

  1. I thought I’d share my own Top Movies of 2010 (and then some!)

    I found my new favourite film EVER, Scott Pilgrim vs The World! What more could you want than awkward adolescent love, nerdy video game references and a bitchin gay best friend! :P

    Others I loved were Kick-Ass (Ain’t nothing wrong with a mini mass murderer, oh wait… It’s just funny!), Toy Story 3 (Brilliant for a third film – Adored the references to the original!), The Runaways (Enjoyed by the Early Bird herself!) and an honourable mention to Inception (for being awesome and disappointing at the same time!).

    Those I moderately enjoyed were Youth In Revolt, Valentine’s Day (Our anti-Valentine’s day ladies only date night!), Alice In Wonderland (My heart still lies with the Disney adaptation), Iron Man 2, Get Him To The Greek (Didn’t live up to the expectation so didn’t win my heart but still enjoyed it), Animal Kingdom and Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (Can’t wait to be put out of my misery with the final FINAL installment – Since I’ve never read a word of JK’s books, I NEEEEEEED to know what happens!!)

    I can’t say I disliked any of the following but I definately felt slightly ripped off. But my least liked films I actually saw last year were The Book Of Eli (However, had a decent twist ending a la The Sixth Sense!), Sex & The City 2, Avatar (Can anyone say Pocahontas ripoff!?) and Eclipse (Already knew I was in for a suckfest but I was interested how they’d make that mountain of crap into a film. And yes, I’ve read the saga and this was my least favourite book, while all my friends loved it).

    The list of movies I wished I’d seen in 2010 outweighs all the other lists combined! Top of the list is Shutter Island (I love having my mind fucked!), followed closely by Catfish (The little doco that could). I’ve also added to my list of films to see Splice (More so after hearing an interview with the writer because it’s hard to fathom that we are so close to dealing with the ethical issues explored in this science experiment based film), Despicable Me, Easy A, The Killer Inside Me (The masochist inside me wants to sit through this bloodbath!), The Town, Social Network, Blue Valentine, Love & Other Drugs and sadly Hot Tub Time Machine (I know it is going to be so bad but people just keeping recommending it to me on the advice it’s so bad, it’s good! We’ll see…) Plus many more I am sure I have forgotten!

    And that wraps up my review of 2010’s contribution to the history of film!

  2. Perhaps you should do the honours next year, April?!
    I have only seen about 10% of the films you mentioned, and most of them I didn’t like at all, namely Alice in Wonderland. Sorely disappointed.
    I really want to see The Killer Inside Me and Love & Other Drugs, too (movie date?) and I can’t recommend Easy A enough. It is rare that both actual movie goers and critics enjoy the same film – let alone a teen movie – but that’s what’s happened with Easy A, and I couldn’t agree more.
    I went into Toy Story 3 with some trepidation, but it ended up being one of my favourite movies – ever!
    For 2010, I’d like to see at least one Oscar nominated film in Black Swan.

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