My Inspiration Has Run Dry…

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit disillusioned by writing.

Not by this blog, as I’m coming up with new ideas each day and don’t know what I would do without it.

But I set a goal for myself in 2011 (yes, just one); to break into the freelance market.

I thought I had an idea in very early January for an article for Jezebel, however that didn’t come to fruition, and my inspiration has been dried up ever since.

In order to make my “career” as a writer viable, I need to start getting freelance work. I know it’ll be a few years yet til I can completely subsist on freelancing alone, and even then I hope to be working on my own business (I thought I knew what I wanted to sell but, low and behold, I’m having a bit of an existential crisis in that department, too!).

But there’s a line between what I write about on this blog and what people want to read in magazines.

And then there’s the matter of being motivated enough to do the investigation required to pitch and properly publish a magazine-quality article, as opposed to the maximum of one hour’s research that goes into one of my blog posts.

AND THEN there’s the fact that I have no freelancing experience whatsoever, and it’s hard to break into that market without it. Online presence will only take you so far…

I’m not always this down on myself, but it comes and goes, you know? I’m going to work on two pitches this week to two mainstream publications and see how I go. I’m not expecting anything, but at the very least I’ll get some feedback, and at the most, I can retrieve that elusive and much needed inspiration…

Any other suggestions as to how to get it back?

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Image via Empire Online.

2 thoughts on “My Inspiration Has Run Dry…

  1. Hey Scarlett. I hope you get your mojo back! I certainly enjoy reading your blog (when I have the time) and believe you are a great writer.
    Good luck with the two pitches coming up. I look forward to hearing how they go. Lord knows they would be crazy not to listen to your ideas.

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