UntitledMy name is Scarlett Harris and I’m a freelance writer from Melbourne.

What was first entitled The Early Bird Catches the Worm, I envisioned this blog to be a cutting edge commentary on books, magazines and pop culture, with the title being somewhat wishful thinking on my part. The now-dormant Girl with a Satchel was my inspiration.

As my politics started to evolve, so too did the blog, becoming more of a place for me to discuss pop culture, society and femin- and other -isms.

I knew I wanted to change the focus of the blog and have it better reflect my “brand” (whatever that is!) and The Scarlett Woman as we know it came to life early in 2014 with the help of Zoe Meagher, who’s been doing artwork for this blog since 2011.

Over the past few years I’ve been focusing more on freelance pursuits so the frequency of posts has decreased. You can check out said freelance work, for publications such as Junkee, The Vocal, SBS and Daily Life, below.

If you’d like to read more frequent (but less in-depth) musings on femin- and other -isms, follow me on Twitter why don’t you?



[SBS Movies] Get Out-Related Roundtable About Race, 12th May.

[Paste Wrestling] AJ Lee’s Memoir & Wrestling’s Handling of Mental Illness, 9th May.

[Paste Wrestling] One Year After Chyna’s Death, What’s Changed for Women in World Wrestling Entertainment?, 17th April.

[Paste Wrestling] Who Has Benefitted Most from World Wrestling Entertainment’s 2016 Brand Extension Draft?, 10th April.

[Paste Wrestling] John Cena’s On-Screen Proposal Does a Disservice to Nikki Bella, 5th April.

[Bitch Flicks] Rory Gilmore is an Entitled Millennial, 20th March.

[Writers Bloc] All About (Certain Kinds of) Women, 9th March.

[Paste Wrestling] But What If You’re Not a “Hugger”?, 8th March.

[Feminartsy] We Need Diversity in Podcasts, 2nd March.

[SBS Life] Single in Your 30s: Why It’s Okay to Have No Close Friends, 28th February.

[Paste Wrestling] A Dearth of Women’s Merch for World Wrestling Entertainment Fans, 22nd February.

[Archer Magazine] Porn: On Regulation, Censorship & Education in the Wake of Prop 60, 21st February.

[Paste Wrestling] World Wrestling Entertainment’s Sexist “Woman VS. Diva” Problem Remains, 3rd February.

[Writers Bloc] Leaving New York, 2nd February.

[Calling Spots] Has The Rock Lost His Electricity?, Issue 22.

[Writers Bloc] Writing Guilt, 27th January.

[Paste Wrestling] World Wrestling Entertainment Needs a Women’s Royal Rumble, 26th January.

[SBS Life] Why I Went to Donald Trump’s Inauguration & Washington D.C.’s Women’s March, 23rd January.

[Intergender World Champs] Shine Theory in WWE, 20th January.

[Paste Wrestling] Supporting World Wrestling Entertainment May Mean Supporting the Trump Administration, 11th January.

[Paste Wrestling] Why World Wrestling Entertainment Needs Quotas, 3rd January.


[F is for Feminism] Why You’re More Than Your University Entrance Score, 10th December.

[Bitch Flicks] Why Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls is a “Cool Girl”, 1st December.

[Archer] The James Deen Allegations: How Porn Sets the Example for Responding to Sexual Assault, 29th November.

[Bitch Flicks] The Rise of Women with Mental Illness in TV Series, 21st November.

[Intergender World Champs] A Woman’s Place Should Be in the White House—And in the Cell, 9th November.

[Daily Life] Why an Australian Woman Felt Compelled to Go Door to Door Campaigning for Hillary Clinton, 7th November.

[Digital Writers’ Festival] Moving Away Part 1: Leaving Australia, 5th November.

[Intergender World Champs] Smack Talker! Daniel Bryan’s Tiresome Vocal Misogyny, 26th October.

[Feminartsy] Am I A Fool to Travel to America?, 19th October.

[SBS Guide] White Writers Telling Black Stories, 12th October.

[Intergender World Champs] Nia Jax: Not Like Most Girls, 3rd October.

[F is for Feminism] C is for Child-Free by Choice, 29th September.

[Writers Bloc] Ideas: Between a Blog & a Hard Place, 26th September.

[Writers Bloc] Ideas: Hot Take Culture, 5th September.

[SBS Zela] WWE & LGBTQIA Representation, 21st August.

[SBS Zela] The State of Women’s Wrestling, 19th August.

[Feminartsy] Is Celebrity Feminism Helping or Hindering the Movement?, 16th August.

[Daily Life] Why Celebrities Prefer Empowerment to Feminism, 27th July.

[SBS Life] Sometimes It’s Just Easier Being Single, 21st July.

[Feminartsy] Trading in the Beauty Economy, 20th July.

[SBS Zela] Sports Illustrated Deadnaming Caitlyn Jenner Is Not Cool, 1st July.

[Femmezuigiri] Is There a Place for Total Divas in the Women’s Wrestling Renaissance?, 28th June.

[Junkee] This is the Most Devastating & Political Season of Orange is the New Black Yet, 21st June.

[SBS Zela] Why World Wrestling Entertainment Needs a Women’s Money in the Bank Match, 18th June.

[Feminartsy] Practicing Self-Care Through Pop Culture, 8th June.

[Bitch Flicks] Neighbors 2 May Not Be Feminist in Name, But It’s Feminist in Nature, 6th June.

[The Vocal] Beyonce Makes Us Want to Be Better People, 2nd June.

[Calling Spots] Navigating Kayfabe in the Reality Era, Issue 21.

[The Big Smoke] Chyna & the Wrestling of WWE’s Own Demons, 5th May.

[SBS Zela] Can You Be a Feminist & a WWE Wrestling Fan?, 30th April.

[SBS Zela] Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, A Wrestling Pioneer in Life, Finally Gets That Recognition in Death, 27th April.

[The Big Smoke] Women of The People VS. OJ Simpson, 25th April.

[SBS Zela] 10 Women to Watch in Wrestling, 21st April.

[The Big Smoke] Kim Kardashian: Our Modern-Day Monroe, 14th April.

[SBS Zela] How World Wrestling Entertainment Finally Embraced the Women’s Wrestling Revolution, 14th April.

[SBS Zela] A Diva is No Longer the Women’s Version of a Wrestler, 6th April.

[Harlot] Whorephobia & Misogyny in Wrestling: Still Real to Me, Dammit, 25th March.

[Daily Life] Why Feminist Meet-Cutes Are the Best Thing About Twitter, 23rd March.

[The Vocal] The Internet Can Be the Best Place to Find Your Tribe, 17th March.

[Feminartsy] Who Controls the Meaning of Barbie?, 7th March.

[Bitch Flicks] Attachment Mothering in Room, 29th February.

[Harlot] Does the Legends Football League Have a Place in the Women’s Sport Revolution?,  27th February.

[The Vocal] The Kardashians Are Better Than You, 26th February.

[Calling Spots] In Defence of Eva Marie, Issue 20.

[Bitch Flicks] Suffragette: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same, 18th January.

[Cageside Seats] In Defence of WWE’s Injured List, 8th January.

[The Spectacle of Excess] Why Jem & the Holograms Flopped & What WWE Can Learn From It, 8th January.

[Bitch Flicks] Jessica Jones: A Discomforting Yet Real Portrayal of Abuse, 6th January.


[Junkee] On Taylor Swift, Mean Girls, Feminism & the Bittersweet Year of #SquadGoals, 29th December.

[Calling Spots] BOSS: The Beginning & the End of an Era, Issue 19.

[Bitch Flicks] Meredith Grey’s Woman Problem, 4th December.

[Junkee] How Caitlyn Jenner, The Kardashians & Total Divas Are Making Reality TV Relevant Again, 13th November.

[The Tag Rope] Are Divas Finally Being Given a Chance?, Issue 6.

[Calling Spots] Queer New Day, Issue 18.

[Junkee] Reclaim Australia, The Dress, #LibSpill, Business Fish & Eleven Other Topical Halloween Costumes That Don’t Suck, 27th October.

[Work of Wrestling] In Praise of Armchair Criticism, Podcast Episode 44, 26th October.

[Cageside Seats] Rise Above Pink, 16th October.

[Cageside Seats] WWE Superstars Who’ll Do Better On the Indies, 16th September.

[Spook Magazine] California Love: Straight Outta Compton, Tupac Shakur & Misogynoir, 11th September.

[Junkee] Rachel Hills on Asexuality, The Sex Myth & Why Female Masturbation is Still a Taboo, 31st July.

[Spook Magazine] I Am Cait Might Just Change How We See Reality TV, 29th July.

[Spook Magazine] Australian TV & the Lack of Racial Diversity, 12th June.

[Bitch Flicks] Is Kris Jenner a Bad Mother?, 29th May.

[Bitch Flicks] Bad Mothers Are the Law of Shondaland, 28th May.

[Writer’s Bloc] Writing About Taylor Swift Ruined My Friendship!, 26th May.

[Junkee] Glee Has Finally Reached Its Series Finale, And Even Fans Are Kind Of Glad To See It Go, 8th May.

[Bitch Flicks] Crossroads Was a Dry Run for Grey’s Anatomy, 12th April.

[Junkee] Forget the “Angry Black Woman” Problem; Does Shonda Rhimes Have a Mistress Problem?, 12th March.

[TheVine] How to Make Sure Your Health & Beauty Products Are Cruelty Free, 9th March.

[Bitch Flicks] Cristina Yang as Feminist, 27th February.

[TheVine] Why Do We Insist On Calling Women Girls?, 24th February.

[Writers Bloc] Wrestling with Obsession, 9th February.

[Bitch Flicks] Body Image on Total Divas, 5th February.

[Bitch Flicks] The Choice to Be a Total Diva, 15th January.

[TheVine] When Your Heroes Let You Down Is It Time to Wave Goodbye?, 8th January.


[Bitch Flicks] Lena Dunham, Slenderman & the Terror of GIRLS, 12th December.

[Junkee] The Musical Wicked is As Much About Feminism As it is About Witches, 4th November.

[Bitch Flicks] She’s Possessed, Baby, Possessed!, 29th October.

[TheVine] Despite the Name, It’s All About the Women on Masters of Sex, 17th October.

[Filmme Fatales] Debauched Disney, Issue #4.

[Bitch Flicks] Morello’s Fractured Relationship with Romance on Orange is the New Black, 20th August.

[Bitch Flicks] I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Feminism!, 12th August.

[Bitch Flicks] Physical & Mental Health on Orange is the New Black, 5th August.

[Bitch Flicks] Leaning In to Grey’s Anatomy, 15th July.

[Bitch Flicks] Enjoyment Isn’t an Item on The To Do List, 26th May.

[Bitch Flicks] Rape, Lies & Gossip on Gossip Girl, 25th April.

[Junkee] Was Oprah’s Reality Series Bad for Lindsay Lohan’s Career?, 23rd April.

[Junkee] Hannah Horvath and Dan Humphrey Are Basically The Same Person”, 20th March.

[Bitch Flicks] The Power of Work/Life Balance in Charmed, 24th February.

[Bitch Flicks] For a Good Time, Call… A Modern Rom Com About Friendship, 27th January.


[Birdee] Gossip Girl Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself, 23rd October.

[Filmme Fatales] Good Time Girls, Issue #3.

[TheatrePress] Review: Domestic Warfare at Melbourne Fringe, 28th September.

[TheatrePress] Review: MUST Presents Columbine, 1st September.

[TheatrePress] Review: Patricia Cornelius’ Savages, 19th August.

[TheatrePress] Review: A Very Gaga Variety Fundraising Night, 18th July.

[TheVine] Can a Feminist Love Pro Wrestling?, 14th May.


[TheVine] Wonder Why They Call U Bitch, 5th September.

[TheVine] The Rise of the Hunk, 9th August.

[TheVine] All Dogs Go To Seven, 9th July.

[MamaMia] The Perfect Vagina: Is There Such a Thing?, 3rd May.

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  1. Good afternoon Scarlett,
    What a pleasant surprise to find this new blog.
    I enjoyed it very much & wish you all the very best
    for your new venture.
    Good Luck!

  2. You have a very witty writing style, reminds me of a younger me ;) But seriously, I wish you all the best, your writing style is sharp, intelligent and confident. Me likey!!

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  4. Hi Scarlett. Do you have an email address where I can contact you re contributing to new blogazine?

  5. Hi Scarlet. How do I contact you? Do you have an email address where I can contact you re writing opportunities for a new online mag?

  6. Pingback: Guest Post: Why Jem & the Holograms Flopped & What WWE Can Learn From It – The Spectacle of Excess

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