Scarlett Harris is an Australian culture critic, with a focus on professional wrestling and television. She’s writing a book about women’s wrestling, A Diva Was a Female Version of a Wrestler, to be published on 2nd March, 2021, and is editing The Women Of… Jenji Kohan, coming in 2022, both from Fayetteville Mafia Press. You can pre-order her book here (for Australian shipping) and here (for the rest of the world), follow her on Twitter, email her at scarlett.harris@y7mail.com, and read her previously published work below.


[Your Tango] Zoey’s Playlist & the Problem With Shows About Women That Rely on Cheap Gimmicks, 26th February.

[Capsule 98] An Incomplete Ranking of TV Reboots, From Worst to Best, 5th February.

[Mental Floss] 7 Facts About Los Angeles’ Notorious Cecil Hotel, 3rd February.


[Observer] Praise the TV Shows Where Women’s “Strength” is Also in Their Muscles, 17th December.

[Bitch] Bad (White) Moms Dominate Christmas Movies, 16th December.

[Sustainability Action Network] Why Haven’t We Figured Out Meal Replacements Yet?, 7th December.

[New York Times] Comfort Viewing: 3 Reasons I Love GLOW, 13th November.

[Australian Screen Review] Normalising Abortion on The Letdown, 18th October.

[Mental Floss] 10 Facts About NXIVM and The Vow, HBO’s True Crime Docuseries, 5th October.

[The Guardian] I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: Survivor-Centred True Crime on the Hunt for the Golden State Killer, 11th September.

[Syfy] The Boys Season 2 is a Lesson on Toxic Masculinity, 5th September.

[Capsule 98] Bring It On Doesn’t Hold Up—Until the Clovers Show Up, 21st August.

[Mental Floss] 11 Facts About Coyote Ugly on Its 20th Anniversary, 5th August.

[Mental Floss] 10 Facts About I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, 22nd July.

[Medium] Good Girls Break Bad, 17th July.

[Mic] After Decades of Toxic Masculinity, Professional Wrestling Is Finally Facing a Reckoning, 16th July.

[Bitch] Can The Baby-Sitters Club Reboot Hang with Today’s Teen Shows?, 6th July.

[Harper’s Bazaar] Killing Eve‘s Villanelle Has Millennial Burnout, 1st June.

[Medium] Sex & the City 2 & Women’s Greed, 27th May.

[Power Plays] In Wrestling, Women Are Collateral Damage, 8th April.

[Crime Reads] Blurring the Lines Between Criminal Justice & Popular Culture, 6th April.

[Crime Reads] 8 Books About Male Protagonists by Female Authors, 20th March.

[Junkee] We Need To Talk About How Rich Everyone is on The Bold Type, 27th February.

[Mic] Australia’s Bushfires Made Me Go Vegetarian, 1st February.

[FanByte] As The Good Place Wraps Up, What Have We Learned?, 22nd January.

[Pulp] Wrestling with Menstruation, 17th January.


[whimn] 2019 Was the Year the Female Gaze Came to Hollywood, 24th December.

[SBS Voices] Why is it So Hard to Volunteer on Christmas?, 6th December.

[OZY] Why World Wrestling Entertainment’s Continued Support of Saudi Arabia is Downright Scary, 29th October.

[OZY] Women Wrestle to Reshape Sport’s Written Narrative, 17th October.

[ten daily] The Charmed Reboot is Better Than the Original, 11th October.

[FanByte] What is the Law & Order Sound?, 27th September.

[Crime Reads] On the Female Archetypes of True Crime, 19th September.

[Daily Xtra] 9 Reasons Why Blanca from Pose is the Best Character on TV Right Now, 19th August.

[Contingent] What Gear Can Do, 17th August.

[Polygon] In GLOW Season 3, The Ladies Wrestle With a Different Set of Challenges, 13th August.

[Junkee] Orange is the New Black is Over, But The Golden Age of the Anti-Heroine Lives On, 29th July.

[Whimn] The One Big Problem with Younger, 12th June.

[Shondaland] The Women of Claws Are Just Like Us: Tired of Being Underestimated, 6th June.

[Crime Reads] Why Women Are Spearheading the True Crime Renaissance, 5th June.

[FanByte] The Charmed Reboot Reimagines “Evil” Women, 23rd May.

[Garage] Is Wrestling the Purest Iteration of Camp?, 2nd May.

[Polygon] Killing Eve is Slowly Killing Spy Tropes, 15th April.

[Whimn] The Female Mentorship on The Bold Type is the Most Refreshing Thing on TV, 10th April.

[FanByte] No Apologies: A Conversation with Becky Lynch, 3rd April.

[Crime Reads] Why Do We Keep Romanticizing Evil Men?, 3rd April.

[Whimn] 10 Things I Love About 10 Things I Hate About You, 1st April.

[Hello Giggles] Chyna Broke Through Professional Wrestling’s Sexism, But Her Legacy Deserves More, 31st March.

[Playboy] The Next Wave of Sexually Fluid Mermaids, 24th January.

[Junkee] Jane Sloan is the Worst Character on The Bold Type, 10th January.


[Polygon] The Witches of 2018 Summoned an Essential Message, 30th December.

[Whimn] The Big Problem with Penn Badgley’s New Netflix Series, 20th December.

[Film School Rejects] Murphy Brown & The Last Anti-Heroine, 20th December.

[Electric Literature] Goodbye, Dead Girl—Hello, Killer Woman, 4th December.

[New Now Next] Why is World Wrestling Entertainment Hosting An All-Male Event in a Country That Executes Gay People?, 2nd November.

[A Beautiful Perspective] Intergender Wrestling Empowers Women By Pitting Them Against the Men, 1st November.

[Diva Dirt] The Evolution of the Diva, 28th October.

[Digital Spy] Why Total Divas Still Matters After World Wrestling Entertainment’s Women’s Wrestling Evolution, 25th October.

[VRV] The Wild World of Wrestling Weddings, 23rd October.

[Daily Life] Women’s Wrestling Made a Splash in Melbourne, So What’s Next, 20th October.

[Playboy] The Unbearable Straightness of The Bachelor, 18th October.

[Vague Visages] In the Shadow of The Hairy Bird, 15th October.

[ten daily] World Wrestling Entertainment is Relying on Has-Beens to Pack Out the Melbourne Cricket Ground, 4th October.

[GOAT] Australian Wrestling Companies Are Starting to Position Women to be as Important as Men, 28th September.

[Kill Your Darlings] What’s Our Problem With Unlikable Leading Ladies?, 26th September.

[The Independent] World Wrestling Entertainment’s Women Wrestlers Have Been Undervalued for Far Too Long—It’s Time for Them to Strike, 6th September.

[GOAT] The André the Giant Documentary is a Revisionist History of the Wrestling Industry & a Weirdly Timed Rehabilitation of Hulk Hogan, 5th September.

[GOAT] Claws is the Most Fun Show You’re Not Watching, And the Most Revolutionary, 6th August.

[GOAT] UnREAL‘s Picture of Women with Power is Far From Revolutionary, and in Season 4, It’s Downright Ugly, 26th July.

[SBS Life] Why the Martha Whisper Network is a Fitting End to The Handmaid’s Tale, 13th July.

[Playboy] Artist Spencer Tunick is Fighting for the Right to Get Naked, 9th July.

[Fightful] GLOW Season Two Characters Draw Comparisons to WWE Superstars of Present & Past, 29th June.

[Playboy] GLOW Takes Women’s Wrestling Where the WWE Won’t, 28th June.

[Bitch] GLOW Mirrors the Real-Life Violation of Women Wrestlers, 27th June.

[Playboy] How a Hoodie Became Marvel’s Most Powerful Costume, 25th June.

[Whimn] What ’90s Horror Movies Taught Me About Being a Woman, 21st June.

[Whimn] We Need to Talk About the Outfits in Charmed, 21st June.

[Sports Retriever] NXT’s Weak Women, 15th June.

[Whimn] “I Lived Like Carrie Bradshaw for a Year & Wow, It Wasn’t Cheap,” 4th June.

[HuffPost] We’re All Mirandas Now, 27th May.

[Whimn] The Dark Truth about The Handmaid’s Tale, 2nd May.

[SBS Life] The Red Robes of The Handmaid’s Tale Have Gone Global, 11th April.

[Electric Literature] How One of Wrestling’s Biggest Stars is Reenacting a Sexist 19th-Century Plot Device, 6th April.

[Sports Retriever] World Wrestling Entertainment Needs Women’s Tag Team Championships, 1st April.

[SBS On Demand] How Female-Fronted TV is Shepherding Us Through This Political Nightmare, 28th March.

[Sports Retriever] Wrestling While Mothering, It’s Becoming More Mainstream, 16th March.

[Playboy] Rethinking Ronda Rousey, 23rd February.

[HuffPost] Has #MeToo Reached the Wrestling World?, 9th February.

[SBS Life] What’s It Like to Be a Muslim Women’s Wrestler, 7th February.

[The Daily Beast] It’s Time for World Wrestling Entertainment to Close Its Gender Pay Gap, 27th January.

[Playboy] A Literal Battle of the Sexes: Is Mixed-Gender Wrestling Making a Comeback?, 16th January.


[SBS On Demand] How Barbie Became a Progressive Icon, 15th December.

[SBS Sexuality] Getting to Know Transgender Wrestler Candy Lee, 7th December.

[Racked] In Professional Wrestling, Makeup Doesn’t Just Make You Look Good, 30th November.

[Writers Bloc] Should Writers Subscribe to The Sites They Write For?, 22nd November.

[SBS Life] My “Selfish” Life: What’s the Big Deal About Being a Child-Free Woman?, 27th October.

[Racked] Is World Wrestling Entertainment Finally Recognising the Buying Power of Women & Girls, 11th September.

[SBS Sexuality] Some Queer Storyline Suggestions for World Wrestling Entertainment, 6th September.

[Daily Life] Are the Kardashians Losing Their Skill for Spin?, 5th September.

[SBS On Demand] The Good Fight is the Show We Need Now, 31st July.

[Paste] GLOW Understands Women’s Wrestling Better Than World Wrestling Entertainment, 27th July.

[Paste] Why is World Wrestling Entertainment So Afraid of Intergender Wrestling?, 26th July.

[Paste] Paige & the Redemption & Erasure of Wrestling Trainwrecks, 25th July.

[Paste] Will the Body Diversity of NXT’s Women Make it to the Main Roster?, 24th July.

[Paste] Progressive Heels, Regressive Faces: WWE’s In-Story Politics Are a Mess, 11th July.

[Paste] Four Wrestling Fans React to Netflix’s GLOW, 7th July.

[SBS On Demand] The Handmaid’s Tale is Streaming Right Now: Here’s Why You Should Watch It, 6th July.

[Paste] Ten Years Later: The Chris Benoit Murder-Suicide, 29th June.

[SBS On Demand] How Watching Search Party is Like Looking into a Millennial Mirror, 26th June.

[SBS Life] I Can’t Get a Rental Because I Own a Dog. So Now I’m Homeless, 19th June.

[Writers Bloc] Should I Write a Book?, 6th June.

[SBS Movies] Get Out-Related Roundtable About Race, 12th May.

[Paste] AJ Lee’s Memoir & Wrestling’s Handling of Mental Illness, 9th May.

[Paste] One Year After Chyna’s Death, What’s Changed for Women in World Wrestling Entertainment?, 17th April.

[Paste] Who Has Benefitted Most from World Wrestling Entertainment’s 2016 Brand Extension Draft?, 10th April.

[Paste] John Cena’s On-Screen Proposal Does a Disservice to Nikki Bella, 5th April.

[Bitch Flicks] Rory Gilmore is an Entitled Millennial, 20th March.

[Writers Bloc] All About (Certain Kinds of) Women, 9th March.

[Paste] But What If You’re Not a “Hugger”?, 8th March.

[Feminartsy] We Need Diversity in Podcasts, 2nd March.

[SBS Life] Single in Your 30s: Why It’s Okay to Have No Close Friends, 28th February.

[Paste] A Dearth of Women’s Merch for World Wrestling Entertainment Fans, 22nd February.

[Archer Magazine] Porn: On Regulation, Censorship & Education in the Wake of Prop 60, 21st February.

[Paste] World Wrestling Entertainment’s Sexist “Woman VS. Diva” Problem Remains, 3rd February.

[Writers Bloc] Leaving New York, 2nd February.

[Calling Spots] Has The Rock Lost His Electricity?, Issue 22.

[Writers Bloc] Writing Guilt, 27th January.

[Paste] World Wrestling Entertainment Needs a Women’s Royal Rumble, 26th January.

[SBS Life] Why I Went to Donald Trump’s Inauguration & Washington D.C.’s Women’s March, 23rd January.

[Intergender World Champs] Shine Theory in WWE, 20th January.

[Paste] Supporting World Wrestling Entertainment May Mean Supporting the Trump Administration, 11th January.

[Paste] Why World Wrestling Entertainment Needs Quotas, 3rd January.


[F is for Feminism] Why You’re More Than Your University Entrance Score, 10th December.

[Bitch Flicks] Why Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls is a “Cool Girl”, 1st December.

[Archer] The James Deen Allegations: How Porn Sets the Example for Responding to Sexual Assault, 29th November.

[Bitch Flicks] The Rise of Women with Mental Illness in TV Series, 21st November.

[Intergender World Champs] A Woman’s Place Should Be in the White House—And in the Cell, 9th November.

[Daily Life] Why an Australian Woman Felt Compelled to Go Door to Door Campaigning for Hillary Clinton, 7th November.

[Digital Writers’ Festival] Moving Away Part 1: Leaving Australia, 5th November.

[Intergender World Champs] Smack Talker! Daniel Bryan’s Tiresome Vocal Misogyny, 26th October.

[Feminartsy] Am I A Fool to Travel to America?, 19th October.

[SBS On Demand] White Writers Telling Black Stories, 12th October.

[Intergender World Champs] Nia Jax: Not Like Most Girls, 3rd October.

[F is for Feminism] C is for Child-Free by Choice, 29th September.

[Writers Bloc] Ideas: Between a Blog & a Hard Place, 26th September.

[Writers Bloc] Ideas: Hot Take Culture, 5th September.

[SBS Zela] WWE & LGBTQIA Representation, 21st August.

[SBS Zela] The State of Women’s Wrestling, 19th August.

[Feminartsy] Is Celebrity Feminism Helping or Hindering the Movement?, 16th August.

[Daily Life] Why Celebrities Prefer Empowerment to Feminism, 27th July.

[SBS Life] Sometimes It’s Just Easier Being Single, 21st July.

[Feminartsy] Trading in the Beauty Economy, 20th July.

[SBS Zela] Sports Illustrated Deadnaming Caitlyn Jenner Is Not Cool, 1st July.

[Femmezuigiri] Is There a Place for Total Divas in the Women’s Wrestling Renaissance?, 28th June.

[Junkee] This is the Most Devastating & Political Season of Orange is the New Black Yet, 21st June.

[SBS Zela] Why World Wrestling Entertainment Needs a Women’s Money in the Bank Match, 18th June.

[Feminartsy] Practicing Self-Care Through Pop Culture, 8th June.

[Bitch Flicks] Neighbors 2 May Not Be Feminist in Name, But It’s Feminist in Nature, 6th June.

[The Vocal] Beyonce Makes Us Want to Be Better People, 2nd June.

[Calling Spots] Navigating Kayfabe in the Reality Era, Issue 21.

[The Big Smoke] Chyna & the Wrestling of WWE’s Own Demons, 5th May.

[SBS Zela] Can You Be a Feminist & a WWE Wrestling Fan?, 30th April.

[SBS Zela] Joanie “Chyna” Laurer, A Wrestling Pioneer in Life, Finally Gets That Recognition in Death, 27th April.

[The Big Smoke] Women of The People VS. OJ Simpson, 25th April.

[SBS Zela] 10 Women to Watch in Wrestling, 21st April.

[The Big Smoke] Kim Kardashian: Our Modern-Day Monroe, 14th April.

[SBS Zela] How World Wrestling Entertainment Finally Embraced the Women’s Wrestling Revolution, 14th April.

[SBS Zela] A Diva is No Longer the Women’s Version of a Wrestler, 6th April.

[Harlot] Whorephobia & Misogyny in Wrestling: Still Real to Me, Dammit, 25th March.

[Daily Life] Why Feminist Meet-Cutes Are the Best Thing About Twitter, 23rd March.

[The Vocal] The Internet Can Be the Best Place to Find Your Tribe, 17th March.

[Feminartsy] Who Controls the Meaning of Barbie?, 7th March.

[Bitch Flicks] Attachment Mothering in Room, 29th February.

[Harlot] Does the Legends Football League Have a Place in the Women’s Sport Revolution?,  27th February.

[The Vocal] The Kardashians Are Better Than You, 26th February.

[Calling Spots] In Defence of Eva Marie, Issue 20.

[Bitch Flicks] Suffragette: The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same, 18th January.

[Cageside Seats] In Defence of WWE’s Injured List, 8th January.

[The Spectacle of Excess] Why Jem & the Holograms Flopped & What WWE Can Learn From It, 8th January.

[Bitch Flicks] Jessica Jones: A Discomforting Yet Real Portrayal of Abuse, 6th January.


[Junkee] On Taylor Swift, Mean Girls, Feminism & the Bittersweet Year of #SquadGoals, 29th December.

[Calling Spots] BOSS: The Beginning & the End of an Era, Issue 19.

[Bitch Flicks] Meredith Grey’s Woman Problem, 4th December.

[Junkee] How Caitlyn Jenner, The Kardashians & Total Divas Are Making Reality TV Relevant Again, 13th November.

[The Tag Rope] Are Divas Finally Being Given a Chance?, Issue 6.

[Calling Spots] Queer New Day, Issue 18.

[Junkee] Reclaim Australia, The Dress, #LibSpill, Business Fish & Eleven Other Topical Halloween Costumes That Don’t Suck, 27th October.

[Work of Wrestling] In Praise of Armchair Criticism, Podcast Episode 44, 26th October.

[Cageside Seats] Rise Above Pink, 16th October.

[Cageside Seats] WWE Superstars Who’ll Do Better On the Indies, 16th September.

[Spook Magazine] California Love: Straight Outta Compton, Tupac Shakur & Misogynoir, 11th September.

[Junkee] Rachel Hills on Asexuality, The Sex Myth & Why Female Masturbation is Still a Taboo, 31st July.

[Spook Magazine] I Am Cait Might Just Change How We See Reality TV, 29th July.

[Spook Magazine] Australian TV & the Lack of Racial Diversity, 12th June.

[Bitch Flicks] Is Kris Jenner a Bad Mother?, 29th May.

[Bitch Flicks] Bad Mothers Are the Law of Shondaland, 28th May.

[Writer’s Bloc] Writing About Taylor Swift Ruined My Friendship!, 26th May.

[Junkee] Glee Has Finally Reached Its Series Finale, And Even Fans Are Kind Of Glad To See It Go, 8th May.

[Bitch Flicks] Crossroads Was a Dry Run for Grey’s Anatomy, 12th April.

[Junkee] Forget the “Angry Black Woman” Problem; Does Shonda Rhimes Have a Mistress Problem?, 12th March.

[TheVine] How to Make Sure Your Health & Beauty Products Are Cruelty Free, 9th March.

[Bitch Flicks] Cristina Yang as Feminist, 27th February.

[TheVine] Why Do We Insist On Calling Women Girls?, 24th February.

[Writers Bloc] Wrestling with Obsession, 9th February.

[Bitch Flicks] Body Image on Total Divas, 5th February.

[Bitch Flicks] The Choice to Be a Total Diva, 15th January.

[TheVine] When Your Heroes Let You Down Is It Time to Wave Goodbye?, 8th January.


[Bitch Flicks] Lena Dunham, Slenderman & the Terror of GIRLS, 12th December.

[Junkee] The Musical Wicked is As Much About Feminism As it is About Witches, 4th November.

[Bitch Flicks] She’s Possessed, Baby, Possessed!, 29th October.

[TheVine] Despite the Name, It’s All About the Women on Masters of Sex, 17th October.

[Filmme Fatales] Debauched Disney, Issue #4.

[Bitch Flicks] Morello’s Fractured Relationship with Romance on Orange is the New Black, 20th August.

[Bitch Flicks] I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Feminism!, 12th August.

[Bitch Flicks] Physical & Mental Health on Orange is the New Black, 5th August.

[Bitch Flicks] Leaning In to Grey’s Anatomy, 15th July.

[Bitch Flicks] Enjoyment Isn’t an Item on The To Do List, 26th May.

[Bitch Flicks] Rape, Lies & Gossip on Gossip Girl, 25th April.

[Junkee] Was Oprah’s Reality Series Bad for Lindsay Lohan’s Career?, 23rd April.

[Junkee] Hannah Horvath and Dan Humphrey Are Basically The Same Person”, 20th March.

[Bitch Flicks] The Power of Work/Life Balance in Charmed, 24th February.

[Bitch Flicks] For a Good Time, Call… A Modern Rom Com About Friendship, 27th January.


[Birdee] Gossip Girl Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself, 23rd October.

[Filmme Fatales] Good Time Girls, Issue #3.

[TheatrePress] Review: Domestic Warfare at Melbourne Fringe, 28th September.

[TheatrePress] Review: MUST Presents Columbine, 1st September.

[TheatrePress] Review: Patricia Cornelius’ Savages, 19th August.

[TheatrePress] Review: A Very Gaga Variety Fundraising Night, 18th July.

[TheVine] Can a Feminist Love Pro Wrestling?, 14th May.


[TheVine] Wonder Why They Call U Bitch, 5th September.

[TheVine] The Rise of the Hunk, 9th August.

[TheVine] All Dogs Go To Seven, 9th July.

[MamaMia] The Perfect Vagina: Is There Such a Thing?, 3rd May.

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  1. Good afternoon Scarlett,
    What a pleasant surprise to find this new blog.
    I enjoyed it very much & wish you all the very best
    for your new venture.
    Good Luck!

  2. You have a very witty writing style, reminds me of a younger me ;) But seriously, I wish you all the best, your writing style is sharp, intelligent and confident. Me likey!!

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  4. Hi Scarlett. Do you have an email address where I can contact you re contributing to new blogazine?

  5. Hi Scarlet. How do I contact you? Do you have an email address where I can contact you re writing opportunities for a new online mag?

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  43. I would like to send you my new book for a possible review. Is there a physical address I can use, or would you like a PDF?

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