ScarlettHarrisMy name is Scarlett Harris and I’m a freelance writer and blogger in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from country Victoria, I studied professional writing at Deakin University and moved to the big smoke in 2010 when I also started this here blog.

What was first entitled The Early Bird Catches the Worm, I envisioned this blog to be a cutting edge commentary on books, magazines and pop culture, with the title being somewhat wishful thinking on my part. The now-dormant Girl with a Satchel was my inspiration.

As my politics started to evolve, so did the blog, becoming more of a place for me to discuss pop culture, society and femin- and other -isms.

I knew I wanted to change the focus of the blog and have it better reflect my “brand” (whatever that is!) and The Scarlett Woman as we know it came to life early in 2014 with the help of Zoe Meagher, who’s been doing artwork for this blog since 2011.

Over the past few years I’ve been focusing more on freelance pursuits so the frequency of posts has decreased. Please check out my other work, for outlets such as Junkee, TheVine, The Lifted Brow and MamaMia, below in a space that’s updated pretty regularly.

I wrote at the end of 2014 that I want to heavily focus on my freelance career for the coming year, so hopefully that section will gradually grow as I hustle like a motherfucker to make it in this cutthroat world.

In the meantime, I’m relishing the solitude of living alone after four years of sharehousing; working for Outback Championship Wrestling (friends and longtime readers of the blog will know my not-so-dirty little secret of being a massive wrestling fan!) as an on-air personality on Channel 31 and on the administrative/creative side of things; and attempting to whittle down my ever-growing pile of books to be read. 2014 was also a year in which I completed internships with Meanjin and The Lifted Brow, which increased my skills and bulked up my resume significantly.

At the risk of being a cliché my ultimate dream, like every writer’s, is to live, work and write in New York City.

If you’d like to read more frequent (but less in-depth) musings on femin- and other -isms, follow me on Twitter why don’t you?



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[Outback Championship Wrestling] Slade Mercer: Rising Star, 17th December.

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[Outback Championship Wrestling] Andy Phoenix: The Shades of Grey of the Irish Champion, 26th November.

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[Side Eye] OCf’nW, Volume 13, Issue 2.

[Filmme Fatales] Debauched Disney, Issue #4.

[Junkee] The Musical Wicked is As Much About Feminism As it is About Witches, 4th November.

[Outback Championship Wrestling] October 31st show recap featuring Tommy Dreamer, 1st November.

[Bitch Flicks] She’s Possessed, Baby, Possessed!, 29th October.

[TheVine] Despite the Name, It’s All About the Women on Masters of Sex, 17th October.

[Outback Championship Wrestling] October 3rd show recap featuring Al Snow, 4th October.

[Outback Championship Wrestling] September 12th show recap featuring Shelton Benjamin, 13th September.

[Outback Championship Wrestling] August 29th show recap featuring Carlito and Chris Masters, 30th August.

[Bitch Flicks] Morello’s Fractured Relationship with Romance on Orange is the New Black, 20th August.

[Bitch Flicks] I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Feminism!, 12th August.

[Bitch Flicks] Physical & Mental Health on Orange is the New Black, 5th August.

[Bitch Flicks] Leaning In to Grey’s Anatomy, 15th July.

[Outback Championship Wrestling] June 20th show recap featuring Brian Kendrick, 21st June.

[Bitch Flicks] Enjoyment Isn’t an Item on The To Do List, 26th May.

[Outback Championship Wrestling] May 23rd show recap featuring Rob Terry, Briley Pierce and Mohamad Ali Vaez, 24th May.

[Bitch Flicks] Rape, Lies & Gossip on Gossip Girl, 25th April.

[Junkee] Was Oprah’s Reality Series Bad for Lindsay Lohan’s Career?, 23rd April.

[Junkee] Hannah Horvath and Dan Humphrey Are Basically The Same Person”, 20th March.

[Lip Mag] Feminist of the Week, 3rd March.

[Bitch Flicks] The Power of Work/Life Balance in Charmed, 24th February.

[Bitch Flicks] For a Good Time, Call… A Modern Rom Com About Friendship, 27th January.


[Birdee] Gossip Girl Makes Me Feel Rubbish, 23rd October.

[Filmme Fatales] Good Time Girls, Issue #3.

[TheatrePress] Review: Domestic Warfare at Melbourne Fringe, 28th September.

[TheatrePress] Review: MUST Presents Columbine, 1st September.

[TheatrePress] Review: Patricia Cornelius’ Savages, 19th August.

[TheatrePress] Review: A Very Gaga Variety Fundraising Night, 18th July.

[TheVine] Can a Feminist Love Pro Wrestling?, 14th May.


[TheVine] Wonder Why They Call U Bitch, 5th September.

[TheVine] The Rise of the Hunk, 9th August.

[TheVine] All Dogs Go To Seven, 9th July.

[MamaMia] The Perfect Vagina: Is There Such a Thing?, 3rd May.

[Feminaust] Friday Feminaust, 3rd February.

[The Good Men Project] You Give Men a Bad Name, 23rd January.

[The Good Men Project] Manning Up, 10th January.

14 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Good afternoon Scarlett,
    What a pleasant surprise to find this new blog.
    I enjoyed it very much & wish you all the very best
    for your new venture.
    Good Luck!

  2. You have a very witty writing style, reminds me of a younger me ;) But seriously, I wish you all the best, your writing style is sharp, intelligent and confident. Me likey!!

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  4. Hi Scarlett. Do you have an email address where I can contact you re contributing to new blogazine?

  5. Hi Scarlet. How do I contact you? Do you have an email address where I can contact you re writing opportunities for a new online mag?

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