TV: Brothers & Sisters Abuzz

Rob Lowe’s impending departure from TV’s favourite semi-dysfunctional family drama, Brothers & Sisters, is the current tabloid fodder following the show, however last night’s episode, entitled “Time After Time, Part 1”, really pared down the real-life commotion and focussed on what the fictional Walkers are best at—acting.

The first instalment in a two-parter borrows it’s title from the Cyndi Lauper 1985 release, which is when the episode is set. Kudos to the casting director, as the younger version of Sarah is spot on, and the latter-day Tommy and Kevin aren’t too bad, either.

But it’s Sally Field and Matthew Rhys who really steal the show, giving Emmy-worthy performances as a desperate mother trying to protect and subsequently reunite her family, and a grieving gay man who finds himself at the crux of a decades-old family secret, respectively. Chuck in more mystery surrounding the location of Narrow Lake and relationship milestones for Justin and Rebecca, and you’ve got yourself an hour of contented viewing. I won’t give the ending away for those of you who haven’t seen this week’s chapter (or next week’s for that matter, as I have been a lucky (and happy) little Vegemite and seen the whole 120 minutes), but I can reveal this much: loyal Brothers & Sisters watchers, you won’t be disappointed.

And for those of you not yet initiated into the Walker clan, perhaps now is the time…

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