On the Net: Thanks for the shoutouts, Satchel Girl!

As the week winds down, my favourite blog, Girl With a Satchel, compiles a digital collage, if you will, of that week’s best-in-show in the celebrity fashion stakes, appropriately titled “Cute & Chic”.

Last Thursday it was “short, sparkly [and] sophisticated”, and the Friday before that there was a “country girls do it better” theme, or “lumberjack chic” as I have been calling it for the past several years.

So imagine my surprise when I was nonchalantly flipping through last week’s blog printouts at work on Tuesday (yes, I know I’m a bit behind the eight ball in my blog reading, but starting your own is time-consuming work, let me tell you! I am also lucky enough to have a day job that affords me to be physically present whilst mentally somewhere else), and I came across my name on GWAS, with a reference to the aforementioned “lumberjack chic”!

And as icing on the cake, yesterday I was doing another quick scan of GWAS in between blog posts, and wouldn’t you know, my name was dropped again!

Now, I am no stranger to being published on this blog (thanks, Erica!), but it was lovely to see a mention that wasn’t via pushyness on my part (I like to think of it as “putting yourself out there”), and it brought a smile to my faceas Erica’s blog always does!

I just want to thank Erica again for all her support and guidance in getting my work out there (and a happy third wedding anniversary!), and thankyou to all my friends, family and co-workers who have made this blog’s first week more successful than I could have ever hoped!

One thought on “On the Net: Thanks for the shoutouts, Satchel Girl!

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