Beautiful Women Cause Earthquakes AND Heart Attacks, Apparently.

I’ve heard of the odd Eva Herzigova Wonderbra billboard-related car crash, but earthquakes? Seriously?!

Last night I was reading the current issue of Grazia, which publishes a quote from an Iranian cleric, who claims that “women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which”get this!“(consequently) increases earthquakes” (p. 74)! If that’s not a Sheikh al-Hilaly uncovered meat-esque comment, I don’t know what is!

For my money, there is not always a direct correlation between being beautiful and dressing provocatively. Audrey Hepburn is considered one of Hollywood’s most classically beautiful stars, yet she favoured classy, covered up clothing. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, is often scantily clad, however a lot of people don’t think of her as beautiful. At the other end of the spectrum, you have Marilyn Monroe, who was both sexy and physically stunningif anyone could prove this theory correct, it would be Marilyn!

Then this morning, I was reading a study by a Spanish university, which asserts that courting a beautiful woman is “equivalent to jumping from a plane” stress-wise! Not only does the study show “trying to woo a beautiful woman could be bad for a man’s heart and even increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes,” but actually getting the girl proves to be even worse! The study goes on to claim that the stress of being in a long-term relationship with said stunner “could cause ‘chronic’ levels of cortisol, leading to impotence”.

Where is all this hating on the females coming from? If a woman is not perceived as conventionally beautiful, or pretty at the very least, by society, she is chastised. If she does happen to satisfy social norms in terms of the way she looks, she apparently causes natural disasters and ill heart health.

It seems like the ladies just can’t win!

Stay tuned later this week for more beauty debate, as I will be reporting on The Beauty Myth author Naomi Wolf’s talk in Melbourne on Thursday night. Get your tickets here.

14 thoughts on “Beautiful Women Cause Earthquakes AND Heart Attacks, Apparently.

  1. An interesting take on the issue Scarlett.

    I would suggest that it is not the fault of beautiful women that they may lead to health issues in men. Excepting, obviously, those dysfunctional relationships involving flying waffle irons and fry-pan clubbing. Social pressures on men as well as genetic evolution may well be guiltier culprits.

    I refer to an article in the National Geographic entitled, “True Love”, published in February 2006 ( ) The article elucidates the mysterious facts of brain chemistry changes in regards to relationships, and how the two will generally progress together (An accurate, concise summary can be found at ). Love is, essentially, madness. If the natural progress of one’s feelings for their partner is beyond human control, and has evolved from an ever-present attraction mechanism facilitating male choice, then obviously the pressure to BE the correct choice still remains. The caption of one image -a couple exiting the church after being married- accompanying the article states, “This man is happy, and why shouldn’t he be? He has won nature’s ultimate prize; the chance to pass on his genes.”

    Women, it seems, have the power. The media may place pressure upon women to look their best. But these women must, if we are to talk in terms of the continuation of humanity, choose a mate. And despite what a Swiss study referenced in the article suggests, this will be based on far more than his smell indicating the strength of any offsprings’ immune system. Society places pressure upon men to have an attractive partner. Genetics ignite in men an unceasing, insatiable drive to have an attractive partner. As far as men are concerned, women want the nice guy, the bad guy, the mysterious guy, all of whom are attractive, intelligent, humorous successful. Many intelligences must be possessed in addition to a list of credentials as perfect as possible. They are required to be so many things at once, and only the right things, jump through so many hoops while twisted into so many knots, that stress inevitable. Idealistic? Perhaps.

    But it is those ideals that drive the insecurities which comprise the shaky foundations of the male ego. Self help books and talk shows will convince women that they are beautiful no matter who they are. But this support is frowned upon for men, especially as the era of postmodernism and political correctness infers a taboo on anything which is, even at face value, contrary to feminism. Which means that support for men is hard to come by. Why should they need it? They pushed women so far they had to burn their bras. What patriarchal strength capable of causing such rebellion could possibly have a softer, sensitive underside? (Please note that the bra burning actually resulted from a smashed chick trying to pat her chest dry after her third whiskey was spilled on herself, whilst clutching onto a lit cigarette.)

    To women, I would say therefore, that try to be as beautiful as you like, but remember that you are not the only ones under pressure. It is genetics and social pressures that are at fault, not your gender. You’ve got the vote, a moral damnation on anyone who suggests you are inferior at anything, and in the western world at least, the right to dress however you please. It’s time to get off your self important high horse and realise that you’re not the only ones who don’t have it just as they’d like.

    It’s the men that are damned either way. If you look good, girls, individual men won’t hate you. Except jealous gays. Perhaps it is testament to the state of the collective feminine mind that scientific studies are interpreted as an attack on your gender instead of statements of reality? Oh yes, and the illogical belief of a religion to which many women do not belong is an attack on your gender from men in general, not a religious sect. If a guy is trying to woo you, picture that he is jumping from a plane on the inside, and then ask yourself, would you be happier as the jumper rather than the soon-to-be-impacted ground?

    P.S I’ve met plenty of Islamic women who don’t wear the hijab, and despite their hair being visible (the source of “checking a woman out” is, according to the Koran, her hair), no earthquakes.

    P.P.S Men who commit adultery should be held to fault as arousal does not strip one of their choice. It may haze judgment, perhaps, but the right choice may still be made.

  2. Lol. Can’t believe women are meant to be causing heart attacks now… I wonder if the university ever thought to study the impact of women courting attractive men??

  3. Herbert: I am cultivating a response as we speak!

    Tess: I know, right! But apparently, if a woman is lucky enough to be considered beautiful to the earthquake-causing point, she has no problems and floats around on a cloud of untouchable carefree-ness. I suppose one way to look at it is to say that when a woman courts a super-hot guy, she doesn’t let it go to her head (or heart, as it were). After all, he’s probably just not that into her…

  4. Herbert; wow! Where do I begin?!
    As this post is derived from a biological study, I’m glad you began with the biological pressures of falling in love and how, if I can refer to the Savage Garden song “Gunning Down Romance”, “love and other moments are just chemical reactions in your brain.” Other lines worth pondering include, “Feelings of aggression are the absence of the love drug in your veins,” and “Love and other socially acceptable emotions are morphine.”
    In a sense women do have the power—the power to conceive and raise children on their own, for example. But society still looks down on women who took first- and second-wave feminism perhaps too seriously, and chose career over children. Often the women who chose these things look down on themselves, too. In the workplace, something like only 2% of CEOs are women, and women in the defence force are excluded from direct combat and frontline positions.
    You say that society puts pressure on men to find an attractive female partner, which facilitates the need for women to be beautiful in order to woo a male partner. But where is this pressure ON THE MEN THEMSELVES? (Sorry about the caps lock; there is not italics function on the comments.) I’m not saying there isn’t pressure on men to look their best, which is increasingly becoming so, with the rise of manscaping, metrosexualisation etc., but where are these pressures reflected in the media? For example, fathers in television advertisements are often portrayed as goofy, maybe not in the best shape, and often making mistakes. Whereas if a mother were to be portrayed as this in an advertisement, she would be perceived as frumpy and not able to do her job as a wife and mother, let alone whatever other job she might go to outside the home. Dare I say there would be an uproar in the general public as to the way mothers, and thereby women in general, as apparently every woman wants to be a mother, are portrayed in advertising and the media. Oh, wait a minute, there is ALREADY a uproar as to how women are portrayed in the media as busty, slim, shiny haired, big-lipped (insert other attractive attributes here) beauties as opposed to the former! Will anybody ever win?
    I understand where you’re coming from in that there’s a crisis in masculinity and that “anything which is… contrary to feminism” is seen negative. On one hand, perhaps the fact that “self-help books and talk shows [that] convince women that they are beautiful no matter who they are” is giving women false hope and ideals when searching for the “perfect man”. What better illustrates this than the whole Twilight phenomenon? I heard a girl broke up with her boyfriend because he didn’t treat her they way she was supposed to be treated; like Edward treats Bella (which is borderline stalker, FYI). Add to that the current spate of primetime TV shows that are exploring the sexual notion of biting.
    Finally, I think we can both agree that the comments made by said Iranian cleric are preposterous, and that women, men, WHOEVER should be allowed to dress, look and act any way they want to without being judged and deemed “not good enough”—or, as it were, too good to resist and thereby enticing otherwise innocent men—by society.
    I follow through on some of the notions expressed here in my report on author Naomi Wolf’s talk on “the beauty myth”— I would LOVE to hear what you say about that!

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  9. Women don’t court men. Men court women. And beautiful women give men heart attacks if their sleeping with other men, flirting with them, ogling them, etc. Handsome men different. At least they can control themselves. And there is pressure on women to find a handsome, rich partner. If he’s ugly, yet rich or not rich, he’s not worth it. He’s nothing.

    Anyway, women who have affairs give men heart attacks and stroke because men take women’s affairs much harder than women with men in the same manner.

  10. That may be the reasoning of superficial mainstream society as a whole, but I don’t believe most individuals think that way.
    Nowhere in the above post did I mention affairs, which are obviously hard on all parties involved, but men aren’t entirely innocent in the extra-marital affairs department either.
    And, as a conventionally attractive woman myself, never in my life have I been courted by a man who I then went on to date. I’m always the one to make the first move, and so far I’m heart-attack free.
    Thanks for your views.

  11. Hello, it’s women that aren’t innocent in the extramarital affairs department. They’re the ones much more guilty. They get pregnant by the manstress and commit paternity fraud. And of course, handsome men lead women into having extramarital affairs behind their cock-blocking husband’s back. These guys are typically wife stealers.

  12. Each situation is different, and while I don’t deny that there are women like that out there, I don’t believe it’s right to generalise all women – or men, for that matter – as you have.

  13. Well men want the bad girl and the mysterious girl but apparently, those types of women cause heart problems too.

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