Event: Get Him to Rod Laver.

Who, out today, features a double-page spread on comedic bad-boy and star of upcoming Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand, whom I was lucky enough to see live at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, on Wednesday night.

As my hairdresser said, she’ll “wait for the DVD” to come out to get specifics on his hilariously inappropriate show, which I think is wise for all you Rusty fans, as I could never do his jokes justice.

However, here’s a taste: his 2008 and 2009 MTV VMAs hosting gigs, the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney, and Twilight and it’s relationship to “that time of the month” were all taboo topics on the cards.

Brand also used his fiancée, Katy Perry, as comedic fodder, which the Who article centres on.

Of how the pair met, Brand says, “She was so rude… I was showing off in front of some people and she threw a bottle at me! I didn’t understand. Who was this girl taking the piss out of me in front of all my friends? It was hypnotic.”

“His romance with Perry ‘has brought out the protective side in me… I had no idea I had it in me’.”

Brand continues, “as long as she’s happy, I will be happy… It’s part of my agenda to make this woman extraordinarily happy. Most things that I really want, I’m pretty diligent about getting.”

As for the woman who pointed her daughter out to him as he made his way through the crowd, Brand asked, after this extremely graphic closing skit centred around anal sex, “aren’t you glad you pointed her out to me now?!”

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