Book Review: Sex & the City: The Movie Coffee Table Book.


A few weeks ago I reviewed the Sex & the City 2 coffee table book in accompaniment to the movie.

There was quite a lot of controversy surrounding the second film, and while I still maintain my stance that it wasn’t that bad, I will state for the record that the first film shits all over the second.

In terms of coffee table books, though, I think I prefer the second book to this one.

Nonetheless, it is a beautiful exercise in film photography. The fashions, the furnishings, the friends!

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.

“How often do you ‘colour’?”

“Charlotte Poughkeepsie’d in her pants!”

Big Man on Campus.

In Vogue.

The hero dress.

The hero shoe that saved Manolo Blahnik from going out of business.

Apartment Therapy.

Carrie’s apartment is the quintessential single girl’s digs.

How dreamy… even though Carrie is in the midst of depression!

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