Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Charlie Sheen’s Witness.


Maybe it’s because she’s a porn star/escort. Maybe, but hopefully not, it’s simply because she’s a woman. But more than likely, it’s because Charlie Sheen has been allowed to get away with (practically attempted) murder for decades now.

It’s no secret how I feel about Charlie Sheen, and I think it is an absolute disgrace that our celebrity-obsessed culture has allowed him to escape jail and rehab for drug use, property damage, domestic violence, alleged child pornography consumption, and shooting Kelly Preston, yet retain his $1.2 million per episode pay check for Two & a Half Men.

But the way the media has treated Capri Anderson is just as bad. It has been proven that she is the woman who was found locked in a bathroom of the hotel suite that Sheen was staying at when the incident occurred. Is the fact that she’s a porn star damaging her credibility as a victim of domestic violence who feared for her life?

This perception of her harkens back to a lot of articles I’ve written about or referenced on this here blog in the past few months, but it basically comes down to slut-shaming, in my opinion.

So Anderson has sex on camera for money, but what Sheen does off-camera but is still paid a pretty penny for what he does on-screen is far worse.

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9 thoughts on “Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Charlie Sheen’s Witness.

  1. I have no issue with Capri Anderson being an adult film star, it’s her life and it’s her body, but I still have trouble feeling 100% sorry for her when it has been heavily publicised all the wretched things Charlie Sheen has done to other women. I’m not saying she deserved what she got, by no means, but when will women learn not to put themselves in these situations. There had to be some red flags going up before she stepped into that room, or at least before it escalated to the police being called and her locking herself in the bathroom. A life, and one’s safety, is move valuable than any pay cheque!

  2. Sure, it comes down to her choice to go back to his hotel room when she knows his history with drugs, violence etc. But, men who abuse women are pros at charming them and making them believe they’ll never hit them again (or in the first place, in Capri Anderson’s case). I still maintain that it’s our silly, celebrity-obsessed society (granted; it’s one that I love, but one that I can see the pitfalls of) that should take the responsibility of not cosuming Charlie Sheen’s products as punishment for his actions. ‘Cause Hollywood’s corrupt justice system sure as hell isn’t!

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