Books: Epic Book Fail.

MamaMia recently ran a story on books that their staff just couldn’t finish.

Well I finish every book I begin, whether I enjoy it or not. I always have a terrible feeling that if I put down a book I’m not enjoying, I’ll miss something crucial; the opportunity for the book to turn into a great story.

Most times, when a book starts of crappy and hasn’t picked up a few chapters in, it’s going to end a crappy book.

This is true of Dr. Zhivago, by Boris Pasternak. I struggled through several train rides to and from uni with this one. The feeling I had upon finishing it was 1) I have no idea what that was about, and 2) those are four precious train rides I will never get back.

Elsewhere: [MamaMia] What’s Your Great Book Fail?

Image via Fantastic Fiction.

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