Event: Really Nice Day Cabaret.

Tucked away in the quirky privacy of The Butterfly Club in South Melbourne last night was the debut show of Christine Moffat’s left-of-centre cabaret, Really Nice Day.

It deals with the strained relationship of unlucky-in-love Kitty Day and her piano player, Joe (or “Houdini… whatever”) who has been forcibly coerced into providing the soundtrack to Kitty’s tragicomic love story. And forcibly coerced = tied to the piano using the same knots her mother did when tethering Kitty to her own piano as a child. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

The show started out a little bit rocky, with what I assumed was first night jitters, but then went full steam ahead for about an hour, with such musical gems as The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” and Wham!’s “Freedom” (not to be mistaken for George Michael’s supermodel-solo hit, “Freedom ’90”. I’ve affixed a YouTube clip of the single below for your viewing pleasure) making appearances.

Expect a teensy bit of “imaginary” audience interaction, which isn’t hard, as the endearing Kitty brings out the crazy (in) love in all of us. Emphasis on the crazy.

But really, what’s a homicidal girl to do? You’ll have to see Really Nice Day to find out. Tickets available on the night from The Butterfly Club, online and over the phone (9690 2000).

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Elsewhere: [The Butterfly Club] Christine Moffat in Really Nice Day.

[The Butterfly Club] Location.

Image via Pro Talent Sites.

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