Where Have All the Good Men Gone?


From “Where Have the Good Men Gone” by Kay S. Hymowitz on The Wall Street Journal:

“What explains this puerile shallowness? I see it as an expression of our cultural uncertainty about the social role of men. It’s been an almost universal rule of civilization that girls became women simply by reaching physical maturity, but boys had to pass a test. They needed to demonstrate courage, physical prowess or mastery of the necessary skills. The goal was to prove their competence as protectors and providers. Today, however, with women moving ahead in our advanced economy, husbands and fathers are now optional, and the qualities of character men once needed to play their roles—fortitude, stoicism, courage, fidelity—are obsolete, even a little embarrassing.

“Single men have never been civilization’s most responsible actors; they continue to be more troubled and less successful than men who deliberately choose to become husbands and fathers. So we can be disgusted if some of them continue to live in rooms decorated with Star Wars posters and crushed beer cans and to treat women like disposable estrogen toys, but we shouldn’t be surprised.”

Elsewhere: [Wall Street Journal] Where Have the Good Men Gone?

Images via The Frat Pack, Marshill Church, Zu Guide.

One thought on “Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

  1. I had a look at the orginal article & it does hit on a few key points. I will admit i am in this middle zone, i have friends 4-5 years older then me stilll in the middle zone & i look @ them and say i cant let myself become that.

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