TV: Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Moments.

I’ve recently re-watched every season of Grey’s Anatomy (but that wasn’t enough for me: I’ve gone back and started from season 4 again, so that the later seasons are on par with the first three, which I’ve watched copious amounts of!). So, to celebrate the greatness of Grey’s, here are my top ten moments of the show. Feel free to add your own in the comments.


I’ve blogged about this ep a couple of times, but I cannot reiterate how shocking/sad/good it is. If you haven’t seen this, you can’t call yourself a Grey’s fan.

2. “It’s George!”

Equally as shocking. We all knew by the time the season five final aired that T.R. Knight was leaving the show, but I had no idea he was the John Doe who got hit by a bus.

3. Denny.

Ahh, Denny. He’s one of those characters that stay with you. Luckily, the Grey’s writers picked up on this, and he has literally stayed with us (albeit as a ghost) since his debut and tragic death in season two.

4. “Holy Mother Of…”

Meredith drowns. Christina gets engaged. Izzie drills burr holes with hardware. Alex discovers Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca.

5. “I’m Here for You.”

Cancer and Denny hallucinations. I supposed that’s what you get when you complain about your storylines, Katherine Heigl. It was amazing how long it took for Izzie to realise that seeing her dead fiancé wasn’t normal. And how long it took Alex and George to realise something was wrong with her. For all Alex’s preaching about how he dealt with his crazy mum and crazy girlfriends, he didn’t think that Izzie talking to herself was out of the ordinary?

6. Code Black.

Also known as “Pink Mist”, this was the first episode of Grey’s I saw. I was so intrigued by the “Code Black” commercial that I had to see what it was all about: I’ve never looked back.

7. “I’m Addison Shepherd… And You Must Be the Woman Who’s Been Sleeping With My Husband.”

As the above entry would imply, I already knew about Addison before she showed up at the end of season one as McDreamy’s husband. That didn’t make it any less shocking when she accosted Meredith and her seemingly perfect neurosurgeon boyfriend, claiming to be his wife. OMG!

8. McSteamy.

No. Explanation. Necessary.

9. “Today I’m Accountable to Someone Other Than Myself.”

Alex finally makes good and marries Izzie. We all know that didn’t work out so well for him, but it was a beautiful gesture on the part of Derek and Meredith, who ended up getting married on a Post-It instead.

10. Jumping the Shark with Gizzie.

Again: this is what you get when you complain about your storylines, or lack thereof. George and Izzie getting together was a bit of an experiment, I think, as a means to an end for George’s marriage to Callie and Heigl’s plot discontent.

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