Magazines: The “Evil” Woman.


From “Women Behaving Badly” by Gabriella Coslovich in The Saturday Age’s “Life & Style” supplement, 30th April, 2011:

“The classic bad girl of popular culture is the femme fatale, a cunning criminal with a vixen-like beauty, usually pouty, platinum-haired, buxom and arch—from her stiletto heels to her finely plucked and penciled eyebrows…

“Meanwhile… there remain lingering assumptions about the way a woman should behave. One need only look at Prime Minister Julia Gillard, whose childlessness is often used to demean her, most recently by former Labour leader Mark Latham, who viciously accused her of lacking empathy and love (because having children has clearly given Latham copious quantities of both).

“In short, women whose ambitions waver from the ‘norm’, who have the temerity, say, to become prime minister, without having fulfilled their ‘God-given’ role of procreation, are still treated with suspicion. Audacity, it seems, is fine, to a point, especially if it adheres to the stereotype of woman as fashion-loving sex-object: Lady Gaga and her outlandish garb, Madonna and her extreme muscles. But try bucking convention in perhaps more profound ways—wanting to run the country, or fight for it—and female nonconformity suddenly becomes threatening. Which is why bold and rule breaking women are still worth celebrating.”

Images via Art Geelong, Yunch Time, unknown.

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