Guest Post: Living Below the Line.

For a week this May, I will be living on $2 a day to raise money and awareness for the Oaktree Foundation, in their increasingly successful Live Below the Line campaign. I’ve pledged to live on just $2 a day for five days, from May 16th to 20th.

At first it seems an impossibly small amount, but then you realise that actually a truly ridiculous number of people live on that amount every day.

$2 is the Australian equivalent of the international extreme poverty line—and through this challenge I’m hoping to raise awareness about the issue, but also money to make a difference. You might think that the $2 would go further and buy more in developing countries (that’s what I thought too)—but actually the $2 is worked out to be the Australian equivalent of what life is like for over a billion people. Extreme poverty means $2 per day buying Australian stuff, with Australian dollars. It’s pretty incredible to think about.

It’s definitely going to be hard (those of you who know me, know how much I like good food and wine). There’ll be no coffee, no sugar, no flavour, no alcohol, no snacks and not much nutrition. But if through this I can get a better insight into what life is like for those trapped in poverty—and raise money to make a difference for them—then it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. Particularly if you consider that the average Australian spends more per year on confectionary than people living in extreme poverty have to spend in their entire budget. I will spend my $2 a day on food, but if I were one of the people this campaign is raising funds and awareness for, my $2 a day would also have to cover shelter, education, and healthcare as well as food and other basic needs.

Those of you who are able, please donate generously:

  • $50 will provide a classroom in remote PNG with all the stationery they need for a year.
  • $100 will provide a scholarship for a poor student in Cambodia so they can attend school for the first time.
  • Any amount will make a big difference, so please sponsor me with whatever you can spare.  Even $2 each can add up quickly, so dig deep, or take the challenge yourself to raise funds!

Anyone who has any tips on how to survive of this amount, they will be most welcome, so please leave your comments bellow. I will be sure to keep you posted via The Scarlett Woman, with how the challenge is developing and would appreciate any insight that can be offered, because I am not a good cook—I can’t even cook rice!

—Tess Keane.

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