Body Image: My Name’s Scarlett, And I’m a Fat-Shamer.

I preach on this here blog about body policing and that a thin woman’s body is no more public property than a large woman’s.

But the other day, I found myself guilty of fat-shaming.

I was speaking to a friend about a mutual acquaintance’s new boyfriend. I marveled at the fact that said acquaintance had a boyfriend, as she is morbidly obese.

I’m cringing just typing those words. If anyone should be ashamed, it’s me.

I pride myself on being colour-blind, disability-blind, weight-blind, gender-blind, sexual orientation-blind and whatever other blindness you can think of. But I slipped up.

Health issues aside, which this woman would have to have, or be on the verge of having, everyone deserves love and acceptance and no one deserves to be judged by the way they look.

I’m judged by the way I look every single day. Because I take pride in my appearance and dress nicely, people think I’m well off, which couldn’t be further from the truth!

Because I am in tune with my inner teen, and speak the way of the “OMG Girl”, people think I’m dumb.

Because I usually wear tight, body-con dresses when I go out dancing because they make me feel good, people think I’m a slut (whatever that means).

One misconception I don’t have to deal with is people thinking I’m unhealthy and unlovable because of my weight.

So, I’m going to use this regrettable incident to practice what I preach. Down with fat-shaming!

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Unfinished Business at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Images via Top News, The Daily Telegraph, Yahind News.

2 thoughts on “Body Image: My Name’s Scarlett, And I’m a Fat-Shamer.

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