TV: “What? A Woman Can’t Rescue a Man?”


“I’m still waiting for it to happen,” warlock Malcolm replies to Prue when she gets herself transported into a painting in the season two episode “The Painted World”.

“Yeah, well keep waiting, pal!” she replies.

You’ll be seeing a bit more about Charmed over the next few months as I work my way through the seasons.

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Image via YouTube.

6 thoughts on “TV: “What? A Woman Can’t Rescue a Man?”

  1. You know what is seriously awesomely feminist and thus the best shit ever? Sailor Moon. Particularly in the comics, Sailor Moon is always saving Tuxedo Mask’s ass, and he’s always like WOE IS ME! I NEED MY GIRLFRIEND AND HER GIRL GANG OF KILLER SENSHI TO RESCUE MEEEEE.
    The cartoon is awesome too, but the comics kick total patriarchal butt.

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