On the (Rest of the) Net.


Crystal Renn explains the whole eye-taping scandal. [Jezebel]

Sex & the City, post 9/11. [New York Magazine]

And what has changed about New York since that fateful day just over ten years ago? [New York Magazine]

Reminiscing about 9/11, Mia Freedman writes about “grief porn”. [MamaMia]

The problem with Jezebel. [Slate]

Charing Ball on the hullabaloo surrounding Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement and how she’s “doing it the right way”:

“Many of the same folks, who once chastised Beyonce for waiting for motherhood, are rushing to sing the praises of how the couple, but more specifically Beyonce, ‘did it the right way.’ You know, the correct order of things: dating, marriage and then the kid. Never mind that her better half is a 41-year-old man, who still grabs his crotch out in public and wears his hat turned backwards. But more to the point, this whole ‘look at the positive role Bey is setting for young women’ conversation, which is now happening around the blogosphere, reeks of slut-shaming.

“Beneath the celebratory ‘she did it the right way’ discussion is an underlining message, which seeks to shame and stigmatise women, who for whatever reason, go in on motherhood alone. Some bloggers see Beyonce’s pregnancy as some sort of triumph over single women, who have gotten pregnant before or outside of marriage. And as such, Beyonce’s baby bump and wedding ring have now become kindling to further flame the existence of these unwed women, who by virtue of their singledom, are obviously failures at motherhood and are incapable of rearing a child with morals and values worthy of society.” [Atlanta Post]

“Cartoon Characters & Their Teenage Alter Egos.” [Rookie]

Also from Rookie, Tavi Gevinson on girl hate:

“She walks a certain way, answers questions in class a certain way, wears stuff no one else could pull off? Look: confidence is not a crime. It does not mean a girl is a bitch or a slut, or thinks she’s better than you. It just means that she likes herself. And personally, I don’t wanna live in a world where any girl with healthy self-esteem is labeled a whore, or where you have to dislike yourself to be considered a nice person.”

The Help Isn’t Racist. Its Critics Are.” [The New Republic]

Should pedophiles be granted the right to redefine their “mental illness” to “minor-attracted persons”? [Salon]

I commented on Aimless Panther’s post on Feminaust from a couple of weeks ago, on whether fat is a “feminist issue”, asking what her views on control underwear were. Ask and you shall receive.

Panther also laments the “fall back on[to] gender stereotypes. It may give me great material to mock, but in the end it makes all our efforts harder”:

“You can take your real men, [Bryony] Gordon, your philandering, fat dickheads, and just bugger right off. Give me the men who struggle against gender roles and straighten their hair, worry about their health and have the art of conversation. I reckon they’ll be more interesting.” [Feminaust, The Age]

Getting to know the Prime Minister a year (when it was published) on from her ousting of K. Rudd. Interesting stuff. [The Monthly]

Discussing male body image. [Bitch]

Also on masculinity, exploring it in televisions best shows. [The Good Men Project, via Jezebel]

“How Much Alcohol to Drink So You Never Die.” Spoiler alert: you will die. [Jezebel]

In the vein of sexual harassment and stalking on The Scarlett Woman in the last week or so, Jezebel’s Jenna Sauers gets masturbated to on the subway and the cops did nothing.

Also with street subway harassment, Chloe at Feministing lets us know the “things you should not say to a stranger on the subway”, in case we didn’t already.

Plus-sized Nancy Upton gives the plus-sized American Apparel model competition a run for its money. [Jezebel, MamaMia]

Thank Your Wank. Hmm… A website that allows wankers, in every sense of the word, to thank their fantasy subjects. There’s even a “to-do” list. Vile, or just a bit of fun? [Jezebel, MamaMia]

Erica Bartle on the work/life balance. [Girl with a Satchel]

Still with GWAS, Erica explores the role of the media in the wake of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, the Nine News-Daniel Morcombe “live” cross, the “burden v. benefit” of airing our opinions online, and the anonymous comment.

The case for anti-discrimination laws and welfare benefits for the “ugly”, whatever that means. [The New York Times]

Dirty Dancing as feminist text. [The Guardian]

This post, about what happened with Maureen Shaw went off the pill, made me rethink doing so myself! [Jezebel]

The transphobic, ignorant and just plain vile response to Chaz Bono being featured on U.S. Dancing with the Stars makes me think freedom of speech may be a bad thing. -Phobic and -ist speech, anyway. [Jezebel]

Images via The Guardian, Jezebel, Rookie.

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