On the (Rest of the) Net.

“Gaslighting”: have you ever experienced it? I have. When people ask if I’ve got a boyfriend and I tell them “no, I’m still single” they say “you’re just too picky.” When I kick up a stink over sexist, racist or unjust attitudes and behaviours, I’m told “women get so offended by everything. They’re just too sensitive.” [The Good Men Project]

Co-ed or same sex schools? Personally, I choose co-ed all the way, as I want my children to be able to interact with people of the opposite sex like they will have to outside of schooling, and because, as the article points out, same-sex schools in Australia are mostly private, and I am 100% against private schooling. [MamaMia]

The gender divide between women’s and men’s magazines: is there one? Women tend to be presented in pretty much the same way in both. [Gender Across Borders]

Following the grand final weekend, is football akin to religion in Melbourne?:

“I could never follow a religion that deems homosexuality a sin or refuses equal rights in the form of marriage; that calls abortion murder; that tells the poor to have more children; that aids and abets paedophiles. And as such, I can’t devote myself to an institution that covers up scandals, that promotes a pack mentality of win at all costs, that is sponsored by a betting company in a country where problem gambling is endemic.” [MamaMia]

The myths about allowing women on the frontlines of war zones. [The Punch]

We don’t need less porn, just better porn. [MamaMia]

The GASP shitstorm that was heard across the nation. What are your thoughts on the matter? I’m not surprised, really, as my sister had a similar experience when she was shopping for her Year 10 formal dress a few years ago. This was during her fake-tan, exercising-during-the-flu, applying-foundation-over-her-lips-so-they-matched-the-colour-of-her-face phase, which occurred just after her emo and rap phases, but before her hipster phase, which she is still embroiled in. Anyways, after trying on a dress she really liked, we decided to have a look at a few other shops before committing to the purchase. My sister left her number so the sales assistant (not a “retail superstar”) could call her if someone else expressed an interest in the dress. A couple of hours later, after my sister settled on a dress she found in Myer, the assistant called her. When my sister informed her of the alternative purchase, the assistant rudely dismissed and hung up the phone on her! Must be a GASP thing… [MamaMia]

“Make love, not porn”. While I don’t agree with most of the assertions in this article—that Playboy shows “graphic” close-ups of female genitalia and therefore should be considered porn—it is a though-provoking read. In actuality, while Playboy would fit under the dictionary definition of “porn”—depictions of erotic behaviour designed to incite sexual arousal—by no means does it feature “graphic” displays of female genitalia. If anything, it’s shows the gross photoshopping of genitalia, stretchmarks, sagging skin and whatever else is deemed “unsexy” on a woman. Playboy’s not porn, it’s pure fantasy. [ABC Religion & Ethics]

“What’s a Girl Worth?” [We Mixed Our Drinks]

The “feminazi” and Hollywood’s reluctance to call feminism and feminists by its/their name. [Feminist Frequency]

Rachel Hills with the third instalment of her “Guide to Feminist Wedding Planning”, focusing on the white, religious and heteronormative traditions of giving away, bridal parties and hens nights, to name a few. [Musings of an Inappropriate Woman]

Hollywood’s damsels in distress as gothic literature icons:

“One reason for the enduring appeal of the gothic genre is that while it tends to trot out the same old images and literary devices, it takes care to cloak these devices in a contemporary guise. Victorian gothic, for instance, was haunted by the theories of evolution and the unconscious; the changing roles of women in society; and rapid advances in science and technology…

“If 2007 seemed like the year in which real-life celebrity gossip turned gothic, it’s probably because new-media outlets that stormed the industry—outlets like TMZ and PerezHilton.com—had by then ditched the business of worshiping celebrities for the more lucrative business of persecuting them. Suddenly, we found ourselves transfixed by tales of young women moving unprotected (or legally emancipated) from the relatively sheltered condition of parent-managed child stardom (because who, nowadays, is more cut off from the world than a child star?) into a corrupt and dangerous world where they exist in a constant state of uncertainty and peril. And they were often placed in this peril by the very outlets that then shaped their resultant antics into thrilling, chilling tales of suspense.” [New York Times]

This brilliant article on domestic violence earned Trent Dalton the Journalist of the Year award in Queensland. [Courier Mail]

The struggle of an overweight woman to obtain an abortion. [First, Do No Harm via Jezebel]

Jon Hamm, rape and “the lack of positive male role models”. [Jezebel]

Halloween: fast becoming the most expensive holiday. [Time]

Is the clitoris biologically needed, or will it be phased out with evolution? [San Francisco Weekly]

Chick flick tropes. [The New Yorker]

Writing for women’s lifestyle magazines doesn’t have to be an exercise in anti-feminism. [Musings of an Inappropriate Woman]

Sex and the superheroine. [Comics Alliance]

Just because you haven’t been raped doesn’t mean you’re not qualified to comment on “rape culture”. [The Good Men Project]

Female sexuality, weakness, power, and reclaiming in the c-word. [Raili Simojoki]

Amanda Knox and slut-shaming:

“… If Knox had been a little less pretty, a little less sexual, and a little less American, she’d never have spent a day in prison for her roommate’s murder.” [The Good Men Project]

My idol, Mia Freedman, interviews my former co-worker, comedienne, writer and disability activist, Stella Young. Jealousy ensues! [MamaMia]

Images via YouTube, The Hollywood Gossip, Comics Alliance.

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